Cost Estimation

Cleopatra provides engineers the option of producing accurate cost estimations for easy evaluation of process design alternates


Accelerate Process Design Evaluation Using Accurate Cost Estimation

An accurate cost estimate is the foundation for success. The capability to compare and analyse costs of a process design is imperative to delivering your project within time and within budget.

The partnership of AVEVA and Cost Engineering accelerates the design process by using comprehensive, accurate cost estimates to evaluate alternatives along the lifecycle of a project. From an early phase conceptual estimate to a definitive detail estimate, you can ensure the best possible quality and accuracy, thus minimising risk.

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Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation is an integral part of the conceptual and front-end engineering and design process. It provides customers clear insight into the capital and operating costs of potential designs. Cleopatra (cost estimation) can be automatically applied to cost models to estimate total installation costs.

Unique Integration

Linking the process design output parameters from early design alternatives with the Cost Engineering Cleopatra equipment cost models allows for:

  • Direct feeding of process design parameters into Cleopatra’s equipment cost models
  • Estimation of total cost of process design
  • Quick comparison of cost impact of different design alternatives
  • Implement cost control throughout the project


Industry Standard Cost Estimation

Cost Engineering’s Cleopatra is the industry standard project controls tool that provides:

  • Reliable and accurate cost estimating
  • Off-the-shelf cost data for process industries
  • Complete transparent estimates (i.e., no black boxes)
  • Integrated cost control and earned-value-management
  • Easy comparison and benchmarking of your design alternatives

Integrating Cost Estimation into Process Engineering provides tremendous value to our customers, thus saving time and money by reducing the process design evaluation process.

Agile Workflow

Design parameters are automatically applied to cost models to estimate total installation costs. You can then use the project analytics tools in Cleopatra to find the most cost-efficient design option.

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