AVEVA Diagrams™ Draw on Added Intelligence

Easy creation of P&IDs, PFDs and other schematics that integrate with engineering and 3D design


Easy Creation of P&IDs, PFDs and other Schematics that Integrate with Engineering and 3D Design

AVEVA Diagrams is a data-driven design system for P&IDs, HVAC schematics and similar diagrams, using the same project environment as AVEVA Everything 3D™ (AVEVA E3D™), AVEVA Outfitting™ and AVEVA’s engineering products. It delivers exceptional integration capabilities, including shared administration, report generation and data management.


Reduce Rework in Design, Construction and Commissioning

Unlike with 'dumb' 2D CAD layout tools, when AVEVA Diagrams users are drafting P&IDs and other schematics, the application is actually populating a database with the objects entered into the drawing (equipment, lines, valves and fittings, instruments and more), creating an 'intelligent' drawing and environment. Each of these objects – and the data associated with them – is shared with the multi-discipline engineering teams, ensuring consistency between schematics, engineering and 3D to ultimately reduce rework in design, construction and commissioning.


The Highlights of a Data-Driven Approach

  • Create intelligent drawings with a wealth of useful information into a database.
  • Schematics data is managed together with the 3D and engineering data in the same project environment, improving collaboration and ensuring consistency.
  • Users of AVEVA Diagrams can easily access reference data from other applications and vice versa.
  • Efficient drafting of PFDs, P&IDs and other schematics by intelligent copy & paste..
  • Rule-based mechanisms & auto-formatting rules allows better control of data consistency and completeness
  • Simplified global work sharing changes between two revisions of the diagram or the diagram data can be easily viewed, both graphically and in the grid view, with the powerful change-highlighting capability. Additionally, any changes made by engineers and designers from other disciplines on the project can be easily accepted through the Compare & Update functionality

Features and Capabilities


Reduced Man-Hours

Efficient, dedicated schematic design functions maximise productivity.


Improved Quality

The complete set of diagrams can be checked for customised rule completeness and consistency across the entire project, improving quality and reducing rework in both design and production.


Reduced System Administration Costs

Utilising the common technology platform within AVEVA Engineering & Design reduces system administration costs, thanks to having one, centralised source.


Design. Engineering. Collaboration

During diagram drafting, rules and automatic actions can assist users to create fully consistent diagrams, thereby avoiding costly downstream errors. When used as part of an integrated AVEVA software deployment, AVEVA Diagrams adds P&ID data into the complete project information model, exposing it to the full range of AVEVA’s design, engineering, collaboration and life cycle management technologies.

AVEVA Diagrams is one of AVEVA’s Engineer products, which create schematics, diagrams, datasheets, engineering lists and indexes.

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