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Electrical Engineering, Design, Documentation and Management for the Entire Project Life Cycle

AVEVA Electrical is a feature-rich software suite for electrical engineering and design. With its advanced graphical user interfaces, use of design rules and catalogues, and maximum workflow flexibility, AVEVA Electrical is the preferred choice for all sizes of project.

Fully integrated with ETAP, the industry-leading electrical analysis tool, AVEVA Electrical supports the round-tripping of data between both applications. Projects can be initiated in either AVEVA Electrical or ETAP and the integrity of data between the applications can be ensured. Combined with AVEVA Everything3D™, the integration enables the whole life cycle of electrical design to be realised, from analysis, to functional design, to physical layout.


Creation and Management of High-quality Deliverables

Used either stand-alone, integrated with AVEVA Instrumentation™, or fully integrated with the project’s selected suite of applications, AVEVA Electrical is functionally rich, both for the engineering contractor in design and for the Owner Operator in day-to-day operations. Together with its intuitive user interface, AVEVA Electrical enables the efficient creation and delivery of high-quality deliverables for successful and profitable project completion.

Features and Capabilities


Increased Productivity

  • Quick to learn – easy, fast and accurate to use.
  • Easily configured to your working methods.
  • Integrates with standard office applications.
  • Integrates with AVEVA 3Dsolutions and AVEVA Instrumentation™, to save even more time and effort.


Increased Design Quality

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop user experience for ‘Visual engineering’.
  • Robust change management.
  • Comply with cable sizing standards.
  • Graphical cabling design and management.
  • Generate drawings, datasheets, cable schedules and Bills of Materials automatically.


Rapid Payback

  • Easily and rapidly deployed on new or existing projects.
  • Import legacy data from competitive applications or office tools for rapid start-up.
  • One week user training.
  • Intuitive user interface with familiar workflows.


Trusted by Industry Leaders

Customer Quotes

'AVEVA Electrical makes it simple to guarantee information across deliverables and is accurate everywhere it is used. The intuitively populated database means it is quick to produce deliverables such as schedules and reports, and navigation to relevant datasheets/documents is made easy.'

'We intend to use AVEVA Electrical on our next project. We have tried [competitor product] and found it to be very difficult to use.'

'AVEVA Electrical is really easier to implement than [competitor product]. We have tried [competitor product] on several projects but have never been able to start a project as fast and easily as with AVEVA Electrical.'

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