Excel Simulation Interface

Extend the simulation model beyond engineering

Excel Simulation Interface
Engineers Can Use Excel Dynamically

Engineers Can Use Excel Dynamically

Excel Simulation Interface provides access to simulation models and data to people who don’t traditionally use simulation software, such as plant operators, maintenance teams, and plant management. It integrates AVEVA software with Microsoft Excel, extending the Return on Investment (ROI) with additional functionality.

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Simulation Beyond Engineering

Excel Simulation Interface broadens the use of simulation to reach a user base that historically has not had access to simulations, such as process operators, maintenance staff, engineers, and management. Business teams who need results from simulations, but are not familiar enough with the technology to build and maintain an accurate model, can now use models created by modelling experts.

Intuitive Application

Excel Simulation Interface was designed to work without the need for computer programming. To construct a new Portal Workbook, select the desired variable from the list and drag-and-drop it in the Flowsheet Explorer. The variables are color coded to allow easy identification of the variable’s status.


Each Workbook is constructed by a Portal developer to fulfill the requirements for each particular application. Once the simulation data is sent from the simulation to Excel, the data can be accessed, manipulated, or analysed within Excel or sent to other programs.

Distinct User Modes

A Portal developer constructs the Portal Workbook, sets the layout, selects which variables to display, and sets variable manipulation limits for the user. A Portal user is someone with less simulation experience who must run the simulation to access information. The views and allowed actions of the user are governed by the developer, giving complete control to the modelling expert.

Technical Features

• Customisable layouts, colors, fonts, and displayed units of measure
• Bidirectional communication for applicable variables
• Intuitive, familiar interface with unique drag-and-drop ability
• Computer programming is not required or needed
• Seamless and stable integration with the simulation software

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