Fluid Flow Design

Optimize plant process piping to drive lower capital and operating costs


Multiphase Fluid Flow Simulator For Plant Piping Networks

Fluid Flow Design is a fluid flow simulator for designing, rating, and analyzing new and existing plant piping systems. It can be used to design piping within the plant to drive lower capital and operating (including utilities) costs.

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Fluid Flow Design Benefits Plant Piping Design

Piping designs utilizing Fluid Flow Design have shown significant improvement and utilities have realized lower capital/operating costs. The simulator assists plants in their ongoing effort to improve safety in the workplace and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Process Piping Systems

Allows engineers to quickly identify the cause of poor hydraulic performance in process piping systems and will help find solutions. It solves pressure drop and energy balance equations while simultaneously performing rigorous heat-transfer calculations for even the most complicated looped networks.

Relief Systems

Allows engineers to quickly and precisely reevaluate the adequacy of relief systems when there is a change in unit design or operation. This information is essential to avoid emergencies that may jeopardize the safety of the plant. The program accurately calculates required backpressures for all types of single and multiphase relief systems.

Equipment Utility Piping Systems

Fluid Flow was specifically designed to rigorously solve looped networks with mixed boundary conditions. These advanced capabilities allow the user to easily monitor the performance of all utility piping networks in a plant. The program calculates flow distributions within cooling water, steam, lube oil, and air systems. The program can accurately determine delivery pressures and rates for a given inlet pressure and vice versa.

Built-In Databanks and Equipment

Fluid Flow includes an exhaustive library of more than 1,600 chemical components. The program also integrates a data bank of the very latest pressure drop calculation methods to cover most industrial situations encountered, as well as many non-standard applications. Fluid Flow Design's comprehensive list of equipment includes all types of fittings, elbows and tees, as well as pumps, compressors, heaters, coolers, meters, regulators, and many more pieces of equipment.

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