Heat Exchanger Design

Use Heat Exchanger Design to perform superior heat exchanger designs while minimising capital costs


Industry Proven Process Heat Transfer Simulation

Our heat transfer simulator is the core heat transfer technology for all AVEVA products. Heat Exchanger Design has the ability to produce standard TEMA exchanger datasheets in both HTML and Excel formats. It also offers superior post-processing displays and plots of results from network targeting, grand composite curves, and zone analysis exercises.

Heat Exchanger Design provides efficiencies in all types of design and operational analysis work:

• Individual Exchanger and Network Designs
• Pinch Analysis
• Exchanger Zone Analysis
• Split Flow
• Area Payout
• Cleaning Cycle Optimizations


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What is Heat Exchanger Design?

Heat Exchanger Design is a heat-transfer simulation software that enables the design and operational analysis of individual heat exchangers, as well as heat exchanger networks, pinch analysis, exchanger zone analysis, split flow, area payout, and cleaning cycle optimisations.

Rigorous, Accurate Calculations

Heat Exchanger Design offers features that enable users to easily evaluate complex design, operations, and retrofit situations, by designing new systems for maximum efficiency and identifying problems.

Lowers Capital and Operating Costs

Heat Exchanger Design enables users to easily evaluate complex design, operations, and retrofit situations by designing new systems for maximum efficiency and identifying problems.


• Exchanger Design
• Exchanger Operational Analysis
• Pinch Analysis
• Network Synthesis
• Optimization
• Exchanger Performance Monitoring
• Exchanger Cleaning Case Studies

Industries Served

• Petroleum Production Facilities
• Gas Processing
• Petroleum Refining
• Petrochemical Manufacturing
• Fine and Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
• Engineering and Construction

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