AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller™

Rapid and efficient FE mesh creation direct from AVEVA Hull Structural Design™.

Hull Finite Element Modeller
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Rapid and Efficient Finite Element Mesh Creation Direct from AVEVA Hull Structural Design

AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller accelerates the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) workflow by the automatic creation of efficient Finite Element meshes from AVEVA Hull Structural Design, and data transfer directly into ANSYS Mechanical or other third-party programs for stress and vibration analysis.

The lengthy workflows of FE mesh creation, analysis and classification society approval have often resulted in late structural design changes being required while a hull is actually under construction, resulting in a need for costly rework. AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller accelerates this workflow, enabling rapid verification of the structural design at the earliest stage, reducing time, cost and project risk. AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller is one of AVEVA’s Design products, which create 3D models for detailed design and produce all associated deliverables.


Designed in Collaboration with Leading Shipbuilders

AVEVA Hull Finite Element Modeller is the result of extensive collaboration between AVEVA and leading shipbuilders having expertise across a wide variety of vessel types. It therefore combines computational power and accuracy with high usability, so that hull designers can create and validate their designs with speed and efficiency.

Features and Capabilities

Reduced Costs

  • Reduce man-hours for initial finite element mesh creation, or revision following structural design change.
  • Easier, earlier, quicker analysis enables design simplification, especially on unusual hull designs.
  • Early design correction avoids costly rework in production.

Quicker Delivery

  • Reduce project delays caused by late-emerging design changes and rework.
  • Reduce contingency planning.

Better Design Quality

  • Easier analysis workflow promotes more thorough design development.
  • Easier analysis of local, highly-stressed areas enables better quality design.
  • Easy mesh updating enables additional analysis later in the design process, using the most accurate and complete hull model.

Reduce Project Risk

  • Begin construction work with increased confidence.
  • Reduce the risks and contingencies in tackling unconventional designs.

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