AVEVA Information Standards Manager™

Consistent and compliant project or enterprise engineering information.

Information Standards Manager

Information is the Lifeblood of Both Project Execution and Asset Management.

Both quality and consistency are essential to every application and business process, particularly as these become ever more closely integrated and share a common information asset. AVEVA Information Standards Manager (AVEVA ISM™) rationalises existing class libraries and allows for consistent and compliant information standards. It enables more efficient business processes without the costs and risks of replacing numerous individual authoring applications.


AVEVA Information Standards Manager

A web-based, stand-alone, modular application that can:

  • Create and edit class libraries in its own database.
  • Review and compare class libraries created and held in third-party databases and applications.
  • Provide class library-based configuration files for authoring applications for consistency of information across all sources.


The Solution for EPCs

  • Audit compliance with contractual information standards requirements.
  • Reduce errors, delays and project overruns resulting from delays in finding accurate information.
  • Access multiple customer class libraries in a single repository.
  • Easily apply and verify the use of customer- or project-specific information standards.
  • Collaborate more easily with project partners, subcontractors and suppliers.


The Solution for OOs

  • Clear definition, control and communication of mandated information standards.
  • Improved data quality at handover, streamlining the process.
  • Safer operations through improved data quality.
  • Supports assurance and demonstration of regulatory compliance.

Features and Capabilities

Editor Module

This enables users to upload, visualise, navigate and understand an information standards definition, and to fully edit, update and store the information standard. It provides automatic consistency checking of the standards and creates a detailed audit trail of any changes applied to them.

Viewer Module

The viewer module means trusted, published information standards can be shared across the organisation and with partners (EPCs) and vendors. Everyone consuming and creating information can access, compare, visualise, navigate and understand the information standard.




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Non-Disruptive Deployment and Use

AVEVA Information Standards Manager works with existing information sources and authoring applications to make their information available in a standardised form to all business processes.

This avoids the cost and risk of replacing existing, stable applications when trying to rationalise information at source. It enables business process efficiency improvements to be implemented without being hampered by the different limitations of the various authoring systems in use.

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