AVEVA Initial Design™

Powerful 3D vessel design, with advanced hydrostatics and hydrodynamics.

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AVEVA Initial Design

A suite of advanced and practical 3D ship design programs for rapid hull definition and analysis during the contract and structural layout design phases of a shipbuilding project. A powerful tool for ship concept development, AVEVA Initial Design enables efficient development of the contract design to form the foundation of a complete AVEVA Marine™ project.

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Designed for Rapid Definition and Analysis During the Contract and the Structural Design Phases of a Project

AVEVA Initial Design is an integrated suite of advanced, yet cost-effective and practical, ship-design tools developed for naval architects and design engineers. The application is best used as the front end of the complete, integrated AVEVA Marine solution, but it can also be used on its own for the conceptual parts of the design.

Its close integration with other AVEVA Marine applications ensures smooth and rapid design development on projects taken into basic and detailed design.

Features and Capabilities

An integrated suite of advanced, yet cost-effective and practical ship-design tools.

Increase Business Capability

  • Advanced mathematical modelling and analysis techniques allow the most advanced ship design.
  • Full integration with AVEVA Marine products allows risk-free expansion of your technical capability.
  • Work collaboratively, using AVEVA Marine’s support for large multi-site projects.


  • Configurable to suit your working methods.
  • Easy ‘what-if’ concept design and analysis.

Reduced Timescale and Cost

  • Powerful and efficient design and analysis tools maximise productivity.
  • Design work forms the basis for all subsequent shipbuilding processes.

Easy to Adopt

  • Intuitive, graphical user interface quickly makes you productive.

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