VISUAL FLARE Safety Relief Design

Producing superior flare designs for your process, using industry standard compliance codes


Ensure the Safety of Your Plant

Flare Design is a fluid flow simulator that designs, rates and analyzes oil and gas flare networks. This application provides safer design and operation for engineers while also providing reduced capital and operating cost. 

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Flare Design Features

Flare Design provides fast, reliable, and accurate solutions for applications that range from line sizing and vessel depressuring to the rating of complex relief systems.


Flare Design handles the toughest single and multiphase fluid-flow systems by using point-by-point thermodynamics and pressure drop calculations. Applications include relief networks, systems containing any configuration of multiple flares, relief valves, knock-out drums, and loops.

Intuitive GUI

A simple flow diagram describes the overall system structure with point-and-click access to data entry menus. Defaults can be defined for system components or any units of measure for input or output data.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance

The process industries are being challenged by regulatory agencies such as OSHA or HSE to ensure safe operation of their plants. A standard requirement of this assessment is a comprehensive model of the plant’s flare relief systems with full documentation of the network structure, control systems and strategy, and maximum relief rates capacities.

Integration with Excel

Once the data from the simulation is placed in a Portal workbook, it can be manipulated and customised as needed via standard Excel functionality. This allows the simulation to be used by anyone, even people not familiar with constructing a model in Flare Design to expand usage and enhance the return on investment in the model.

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