AVEVA FabTrol™ Automating Steel Fabrication

Increase revenues, reduce costs, improve quality and shorten project schedules.


Designed by Steel Fabricators for Steel Fabricators.

Global-leading steel fabrication management software designed to automate the steel fabrication process with integrated tools for managing estimating, drawings, materials, production and shipping. Designed by steel fabricators for steel fabricators, the software is proven to help increase revenues, reduce costs, improve quality and shorten project schedules.


Real-Time Automated Data Management

AVEVA FabTrol software's real-time, cross-project management capabilities are unique in the steel industry, where other fabrication management software solutions take a project-centric approach. The powerful combination of automated data management, real-time discrepancy notification and activity history supports timely project-critical and company-wide decision-making.

An intuitive workflow-oriented interface means that staff can be brought up to speed quickly and easily. The workflow environment is task oriented, not job-centric. The integrated modular structure meets diverse fabricators' needs by combining modules at the time of initial purchase or implementation, and adding extra modules as needs change.

Features and Capabilities

Shorten Fabrication Schedules

  • Save time and avoid errors by importing the Bill of Material, drawings and other model data from industry-leading modelling/detailing software.
  • Shorten the drawing approval process with automated drawing revision management and integrated drawing transmittal system.
  • Plan shipping loads before fabrication to support the erection schedule.

Reduce Fabrication Costs

  • Produce accurate estimates.
  • Ensure fabricating to the correct drawing – avoiding costly rework.
  • Reduce material and labour costs by minimising handling and maximising material usage and machine utilisation.
  • Track work completed and left to do – never fabricate the same part twice.

Improve Project Communication

  • Track all drawings, including contract, erection, fabrication and subcontractor drawings.
  • Manage RFIs and change orders.
  • Maintain accurate material traceability.
  • Produce production progress reports, including upcoming sequences.
  • Know the production and/or shipping status of any sequence or assembly instantly.

Ensure On-Time Delivery

  • Utilise planning and production scheduling tools.
  • Pre-plan shipping loads to erection site.
  • Help ensure successful erection process by fabricating and delivering based on erection requirements.


Power Fabrication Through Software Integration

Every shop, both large and small, can benefit from seamless integration between software for fabrication management and software for modelling (for example AVEVA Bocad™), accounting systems, project management tools, barcoding and controlling NC machines. It helps shops to produce more, deliver faster and improve quality, which naturally increases profits.


Estimating Module

Generate quick, accurate estimates. Customise to automate and streamline processes. Easily make adjustments for bottom-line control.

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Drawings module

Streamline drawing and document management. Avoid delays and keep projects on track with the integrated transmittal system. Manage changes and prevent bottlenecks

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RFIs, Change Orders modules

Resolve project questions through to resolution. Track, substantiate and manage all project change orders. Plan and manage project schedules in an integrated Gantt chart.

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Nesting, Plate, Materials modules

Calculate optimal linear, square foot, per-each and standard part nesting solutions. Allocate stock and manage the bill of materials, along with integrated purchasing, receiving and stock management.

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Production, Quality, Shipping, Batching, Part, CNC modules

Model your production facility in the software. Record production work as it is completed. Review production status and always know what is left to do. Package material test documents for one, many or all shipping loads. Stay on schedule with smart shipping management. Read More and the Quality Details


Automated Data Capture module

Expedite data entry with tethered scanners using barcode reports. Third-party integration for receiving material, recording production progress and loading assemblies for shipping in real time through barcode transactions. Retrieve drawings and record production progress from any tablet. Deliver the production plan to CNC machines and get automatic production progress status updates from CNC machines.

Third-Party Integration

Below are the various third-party integrations, please contact our technical team to find out more:

ATek Automation, AutoCAD, PeddiMat, ProNest, Radley Corporation, SDS/2, Shop Data Systems, SICAM, SigmaNEST, SoftScan, Tekla Structures, VACAM, KISS compliant software


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AVEVA FabTrol™ ModelView

Stand-alone software application that provides flexible access to assembly drawing, production, and shipping statuses from a FabTrol project. This vital information can be shared with key project partners who don't use FabTrol and/or who don't have access to a model view of the data. Status information from a FabTrol export are viewed in a grid format that allows users to search by assembly, and view, group and filter items by status. Request more information.

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