Trusted, Proven, Lean! Detailed design and production information for steel ship hull structures.


The Proven Key to Productivity

AVEVA Hull Detailed Design is a powerful application for the design and creation of production information for all types of ship hull structures. It handles the entire ship design process, from hull design to parts manufacture and block assembly, creating drawings, parts lists and all necessary shipyard production information and documentation


Being in full control of the hull detailed design and fabrication processes is vital for a shipyard, as this represents the core know-how of this industry. Even though parts of the hull design are subcontracted, each shipyard must fully control the hull fabrication methods and the assembly process to be successful. Dedicated engineering tools that give shipyards the freedom to adapt their design to their own fabrication process is a key constituent of this success.

AVEVA Hull Detailed Design handles the complete flow of information, from the use of customised parametric standards, to modelling, automatic parts generation, and advanced support for generation of drawings to production.

Features and Capabilities

Reduced Design-Time and Man-Hours

Automatic creation of parts manufacturing and assembly information reduces time to production and risk of error.

Automatic, 'on demand' generation of manufacturing drawings and production documents minimises drawing revision effort.

Better Design Quality

Built-in ship design expertise and a common model database reduce errors and rework.

AVEVA Hull Detailed Design is developed specifically for the design of ship structures.

Reduced Production Time and Man-Hours

Production-optimised design makes best use of shipyard facilities. Automatic creation of data for CNC production equipment reduces man-hours.

Better Production Quality

Accurate CNC data maximises part-production accuracy. Automatically created alignment marks maximise hull assembly accuracy.

Advanced bevelling capabilities enable complex assemblies and fabrication processes.

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