Logic Validator

Experience the automated safety system verification and validation tool that integrates with DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation

B.1.2.5 Logic Validator

Significantly Shorten Turnaround Time

The Logic Validator is a field-proven dynamic process simulation program combined with an easy to use Excel interface to automate control validation strategies that can pay for itself and shorten turnaround time, on average, by two days. The Logic Validator enables a sustainable safety culture that helps lower investment and lifecycle costs, complies with international standards, meets safety targets, and achieves a competitive advantage in your market by lowering your cost to validate new and updated control strategies with reusable, modifiable, and automated test procedures.

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Logic Validator Features

Logic Validator is an automated test harness aimed at automating safety logic validation of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) per the International Society of Automation standard ISA-S84.

Reduce Time to Commission and Startup

Logic Validator automatically executes a series of commands that sets tag or input variables, allows a loop to process, and verifies the outcome matches expectations. It is designed to work in a soft or simulated environment separate from the real DCS or PLC hardware. This dramatically reduces the time to commission and startup by accurately analysing and troubleshooting integrated control systems.

Microsoft Excel-Based Interface

Logic Validator provides an easy to use, robust, and automated test harness that mitigates risk, avoids costly downtime, and meets regulatory requirements for SIS applications. The flexible Microsoft Excel-based test harness encapsulates best-in-class Factory Acceptance Test procedures that meet ISA-S84 standards with easy to configure, extendable, repeatable, and self-documenting interfaces.

Factory Acceptance Testing

Logic Validator provides an accurate and cost-effective means to satisfy the rigorous scrutiny of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), regardless of system complexity. This bundled process modelling tool can provide virtually all the necessary conditions to thoroughly exercise your entire control system.

Revalidation During Outing or Turnaround

The SimSci Logic Validator is easy to configure and maintain. When logic changes, simply update the test and revalidate to ensure the new logic doesn’t cause unplanned results elsewhere.

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