Foxboro Control Simulation

Reduce commission and startup times for EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS Control Processors


Design, Operate, and Optimize Your Plant

Reduce commission and startup times with a comprehensive environment for modeling, testing, and system checkout prior to start-up. Foxboro Control Simulation turns the actual EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS Control Processor (CP) source code into a Simulated Control Processor (SCP). The software uses the same communication protocol and connects to the same hardware and software as Foxboro CP270/CP280/FDC280.

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Efficiently Validate Controls

The Foxboro Control Simulation provides a comprehensive environment for modelling, validation, and system checkout with a light version of DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation process modelling software and the capability to bulk configure tie-back models to aid in training.

Reduce Commissioning and Startup Times

Foxboro Control Simulation software enables comprehensive control system checkout and tuning before and after plant start-up, check out of new controls and the corresponding Human Machine Interface (HMI) well in advance of commissioning the control system. This dramatically reduces the critical plant start-up time and eliminates unforeseen defects in the control system software.

Perfect Fit Foxboro Software Connectivity

Foxboro Control Simulation software is built from the same CP270/CP280/ FDC280 algorithms and communication infrastructure as a Foxboro CP. Most operational and engineering applications, processes, and equipment that function with I/A Series or Control Core Services systems, will run the same way with Foxboro Control Simulation software.

Signal Cross-Referencing Utilities

The simulation model drives the system’s field input and output signals. The cross-reference database in the Control Simulation environment defines the exchange of Input/Output data between the control blocks and the process model. Additional cross-reference utilities perform dynamic loading of cross-reference modifications, verification of control point and model parameters, simulation of various I/O malfunctions, and the ability to service points at different time intervals.

Accurate Process Simulation

Foxboro Control Simulation allows a wide range of simulation models to be generated for testing, validation, and training purposes. These include a control model library which can be used for simple “tie-back” simulation models or a DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation model “starter kit” with valves, pumps, vessels, heat exchangers, and limited multi-component thermodynamics.

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