Triconex Control Simulation

Comprehensive control system emulation for Triconex


Reduce Time to Commission and Improve Startup

Triconex Control Simulation is a “Virtual Simulation” of Triconex Trident and Tricon controllers and TRI-GP that combines with the base modelling capability from DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation. This simulator allows access to emulation available in the TriStation 1131 version 4 series software, and provides a reduced time to commission and improved startup.

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The Perfect Offline Simulation and Testing Tool

“Perfect Fit” Triconex Connectivity

Triconex Control Simulation fully integrates with Triconex TriStation 1131 Developer Workbench Version 4 series software for the ideal simulation platform.

Simulation Command and Control

Triconex Control Simulation offers special command and control simulation features to allow engineers absolute command of simulation processes.

Signal Cross-Referencing Utilities

The simulation model in Triconex Control Simulation drives the system’s field input/output signals, and the cross-reference database defines the exchange of I/O data between the control blocks and the process model.

Accurate Process Simulation

The software allows a wide range of simulation models to be generated for testing, validation, and training purposes. These include a control model library used for simple “tie-back” simulation models, or a DYNSIM Dynamic Simulation model “starter kit” with valves, pumps, vessels, heat exchangers, and limited multi-component thermodynamics.

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