Process Engineering and Simulation

Accelerate the design process through integrated modeling

Process Engineering and Simulation

Reduce Capital Costs and Overall Risk

Process Design tools allow engineers to consider important design implications such as regulatory compliance, profitability and safety, while weighing standard design practices. Our simulations use accurate thermodynamic methods, physical property data, component information and rigorous equipment models to create superior designs. Engineers can then use this design to continually evaluate and improve processes with respect to their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility, thus reducing overall risk and capital costs.

The Digital Twin for Your Entire Process Plant Lifecycle

Whether you need to increase efficiency, productivity, or profitability, AVEVA can create your plant’s Digital Twin, a master simulation model of your plant to leverage across the process lifecycle.

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Complete Simulation Solution for Process Design, Revamp, and Operational Analysis

AVEVA’s process design tools have the power and flexibility to simulate a wide range of processes at steady state, from refining to chemicals. They provide robust and accurate results based on industry-standard thermodynamic methods and physical property data. These valuable tools allow engineers and management to enhance the bottom line of their process or plant.

Comprehensive Process Simulation

Optimise plant performance by improving process design and operational analysis and performing engineering studies. Designed to perform rigorous heat and material balance calculations for a wide range of chemical processes. AVEVA design tools offer a wide variety of components, thermodynamic models, and unit operations for virtually every industry. They are cost effective, thereby decreasing both capital and operating costs.

Improved Designs

You can use AVEVA process design simulations to produce improved designs with:

  • Decreased capital costs
  • Decreased operating costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced learning curves
  • Increased profitability

Integration with 3rd Party Software

AVEVA process design tools integrate with:

  • Microsoft® Excel for customisable process modelling and for custom reporting
  • Excel Simulation Interface for simulation control and analysis from Excel
  • Industry-standard licensors including HTRI, OLI, and Koch-Glitsch
  • Unified Supply Chain Management – Assay for assay information
  • Cost Engineering’s Cleopatra for evaluating design based on cost

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Process Design Engineers

Process Design Engineers

Process Design Engineers use design tools to design new processes and evaluate alternate plant configurations to meet the technical specifications.

Plant Engineers

Plant Engineers

Plant Engineers or operators can use design tools to modernise or revamp existing plants, assess and document compliance within environmental regulations, and/or troubleshoot and de-bottleneck plant processes.

Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Management can use design tools to monitor, optimise, and improve plant yields and profitability.

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