Complete Contract Control for Complex Projects and Enterprise Project Portfolios.


Connecting All Decision Makers

ProCon is a contract management solution that connects all decision makers to protect capital investment, drive performance and improve profitability when building and operating high value assets, effectively managing all commercial activity at every phase of the strategic asset's life cycle.

Large capex projects have many unique features – features that make contractual risk management more important, and more difficult. Having a central, reliable contract management system, used by all parties, is therefore invaluable.


Cost Savings Straight to Your Bottom Line

When you choose ProCon, you also get the latest in best practice in many areas such as claims management and contract bid management processes, achieved from 15 years' experience of delivering results for owners who build and operate high value assets.

Combining these with our real-time contract analytics software and integration technologies provides you with the full ProCon experience and the operational benefits which deliver cost savings straight to your bottom line.

Features and Capabilities

Effective Change Control

All change orders are initiated from within ProCon using preapproved templates. Dynamic workflow manages the routing of change requests to the designated parties for review and authorisation. Identifying the impact ($/schedule) of potential change quickly allows time for scrutiny and to mitigate the risk of unnecessary changes.

Mitigated Contractor Claim

Time and event based alerts/triggers lower the risk of missing contractual obligations and thus help avoiding claims. Should a claim arise, ProCon provides excellent claims defence because all correspondence relating to that claim is instantly available.

Enhanced Financial Control

Firstly, early warning indicators pertaining to possible unplanned cost overruns drive management attention to critical situations where they can act fast. Secondly, automatic invoice reconciliation of detailed line-items prevents payment for work not yet delivered and payment at erroneous rates for work that has been completed.

Best Practice Governance

ProCon promotes transparency regarding contract award and execution and aligns the actions of remote project teams with corporate approved business processes.


Improved Contract Delivery

A single formal system to manage all interactions with the contractor expedites delivery of the contract, as all contractual matters are dealt with efficiently, resulting in a higher likelihood of on-time and on-budget delivery.

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