Procure, Construct and Handover

Increase productivity through efficient resource, contract and information management

Efficient Project Execution

Our procure, construct and handover portfolio enables efficient project management with integrated resource awareness at every stage of the procurement and construction phase.

This increases the efficiency of the project, reduces the risk of errors, delays and associate costs and ultimately shortens the time to handover and start-up.

AVEVA’s Project Execution Solutions

Available on-premise, in the cloud and as SaaS.



AVEVA’s Enterprise Resource Management Solution improves efficiency in resource planning and construction but, even more importantly, impacts project quality overall, with better data and increased visibility for all stakeholders to make handovers more efficient. Full data management history is also accessible for smooth asset operation.

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ProCon is a contract management solution that connects all decision makers to protect capital investment, drive performance and improve profitability when building and operating high value assets, effectively managing all commercial activity at every phase of the strategic asset's life cycle.

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AVEVA Information Management

AVEVA’s Information Management suite allows you to track and manage evolving project information. It enables you to work on a single, integrated platform for efficient collaboration between project teams as well as between suppliers, EPCs and Owner Operators.

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AVEVA 3D Data Capture

AVEVA LFM™ offers cost competitive, low-risk 3D data capture that enables you to visualise your evolving construction project, benefitting from integrated. Best-in-class productivity features are complemented by LFM’s unique ability to integrate high-resolution laser scan data with new design, both in the 3D design environment and in its drawing deliverables.

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AVEVA Fabrication and Production

AVEVA's detailing and fabrication software provides class-leading productivity for the 3D modelling, detailing and fabrication of structural steelwork, enabling rapid, high-quality fabrication and construction for on-time, on-budget, integrated project execution.

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Project Execution Software to Accelerate Project Quality and Delivery

Apply the right tool-set to deliver projects on time and budget.


Reduce Material Costs

Lower your material costs by purchasing the right materials at the right price to minimise stockholding, waste and surpluses.

Shorten timescales

Shorten Timescales

Shorten timescales by predicting and preventing problems and bottlenecks, planning more efficiently and avoiding material shortage delays.

Optimize Resources

Optimize Resources

Lower your construction costs by using more efficient, integrated working processes and optimising your resource use and materials availability.


Reduce Time to Find Accurate Project Information

Manage your evolving engineering data effectively on a single, datacentric, platform with accurate, up-to-date information accessible in minutes rather than hours.


Increase Awareness of Project Status

Use 3D visualisation to keep-up-to-date with project deliverables, the overall status of the project and any potential bottlenecks.


Minimise Contracts and Obligations Risk

Identify the impact of potential change quickly allows time for scrutiny and to mitigate the risk of unnecessary changes.

Procurement Managers

Procurement Managers

As a Procurement Manager you will be able to manage and keep track and monitor progress and costs accurately in real time and access historical data when tendering for new projects and reporting to management.

Construction Managers

Construction Managers

As a Construction Manager you will be able to manage construction work pack planning and control more efficiently and ensure that the right materials are delivered at the right time, to the right place, worldwide. You will also be able to improve planning and track progress by visualising your evolving site using up to date 3D models.

Project Managers

Project Managers

As a project manager you are able to maintain schedules and budgets by reducing unexpected errors and delays due to inefficiencies in the procurement and construction process. You will also be able to manage all interactions with the contractors effectively from one platform, reducing contract and obligation risk.

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