AVEVA ProCon: CAPEX Contract Risk Management

ProCon is a capital project contract risk management solution that automates compliance with contractual obligation and connects all decision makers to protect major CAPEX investment, drive performance and improve profitability across the asset lifecycle.

AVEVA ProCon: CAPEX Contract Risk Management

Connecting Contracting to CAPEX Success

AVEVA ProCon was specifically designed to meet the needs of Prime Contractors and Owner Operators involved in industrial capital project execution. It drives better decision making, protects capital investment, aligns teams, and improves profitability of your most important capital investments.

Capital projects are historically risk-ridden, but ProCon’s built-in best-practice, claims management and attentive alert system enables greater efficiency and full project transparency, providing peace of mind, at all times.

Address CAPEX project overruns by effectively managing contractual risk

Beyond Contract Management…

Achieve True Contractual Risk Management

Effective Change Control

All change orders are initiated from within AVEVA ProCon using preapproved templates. Configurable workflows manage the routing of change requests to the designated parties for review and authorisation. Identifying the impacts of unplanned change effectively allows time for scrutiny to help mitigate the associated risk of cost and schedule overage and potential claims.

Enhanced Financial Control

Early warning indicators help project management to direct their attention to the most critical situations, reducing unplanned cost overruns. Automatic line-item reconciliation prevents erroneous payments and reduces the number of contract administrators needed to process Applications for Payment.

Improved Contract Delivery

Using one central system encourages on-time and on-budget construction contract delivery as all contractor interactions and issues are dealt with efficiently and full transparency of the impacts due to scope changes provides the opportunity for more effective decision making.

Best Practice Governance

AVEVA ProCon promotes transparency by aligning remote project teams with approved business processes to make contract award and execution even easier.

Mitigate Contractor Claims

Alerts and reminders lower the risk of missing contractual obligations, helping to avoid claims. If one does arise, easily access all correspondence for excellent claims defence.

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Leverage the Cloud

Available on-premise or on AVEVA's secure Cloud platform, AVEVA Connect, AVEVA ProCon provides the scalability, connected collaboration, and flexibility that your business requires.

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Project Managers

For Project Managers, delivering the project against plan is the main priority. ProCon helps to reduce wasted efforts with regards to change management, align project teams, enforce best practice and enable a complete audit trail to reduce the risk of costly claims and disputes and, ultimately, drive successful project outcomes.


Contract Managers

Contract managers provide commercial oversight for transactions between the parties associated with CAPEX project execution. ProCon enforces the terms of the contract, automates change management, and ensures Contract Managers have full visibility of the project’s progress as it stands against the project, at all times.

Powerful Contracts, Proven Outcomes

Available on-premise, on the cloud or as a mix of both, put ProCon to work to reduce risk and improve profitability on your next CAPEX project.


Sakhalin Energy

Sakhalin Energy streamlined their contracting and procurement with greater transparency. Learn how they went from “good to great” at the link below.

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Shell has deployed AVEVA ProCon for contractual risk management on 16 of their largest CAPEX projects. Learn how they achieved zero claims on the $12 Bn Prelude FLNG project.

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Are claims hurting your capital project outcomes? Read our 'We Need to Talk' whitepaper covering how effective contractor relationships can mitigate risk of claims, streamline communication, and make delivering on-plan an attainable target.

Integrated Solutions Enable Complete CAPEX Project Control


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Capital projects are a complex endeavor, and with rising costs to execute, increasingly fragmented teams, and diversification of end products, the stakes are higher than ever. Is your contract management approach fit for the job?

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