AVEVA LFM: 3D Data Capture

Store, visualise and handle point cloud datasets in a simple, accessible and secure workflow with AVEVA LFM.

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A Trusted Living Pointcloud

A way of thinking for managing massive point cloud data that focuses on its data reliability, its accessibility, and its intelligence. We call it a Trusted Living Pointcloud.

Understanding 3D Data Capture Challenges...

Site Risk

Mitigate risk on site using smarter technology

  • Access to precise as-built data means common inspection and surveying tasks can be conducted remotely
  • For essential on site personnel, on-board and train them virtually with accurate as built representations of their work site.
  • Less man hours on site leads to minimised risk and reduced costs

Massive Data

Handling capacity issues associated with point cloud data

  • Sharing project and asset intelligence: numerous stakeholders and entities are involved in the gathering and consuming of information. This risks miscommunication, misinformation and subsequent delays.
  • Project timescale and budget overruns: in 2012, Engineering News Record reported rework costs running up to 20% of a project's total contract, estimated in the US as $15 billion dollars a year.


Maintaining a trustworthy source of as-built point cloud data

  • Constructing or revamping an asset without a clear understanding of what exists presents significant risk for costly rework
  • Changes to our physical asset means our digital point cloud asset is out of date


Open your data to worldwide collaborators

  • Provide a window into your point cloud data for data stakeholders to analyse
  • Export data to all major CAD packages for incorporating precise as-built data in to 2D designs and 3D models

...And How We Can Help

Adding context to your Digital Asset

Use Any Capture Device

Adopt and combine ANY capture device into a single project, assuring high-quality data and the very best visualisation of a site.

Add Context to your Digital Asset

Gain the ability to maintain laser scan projects alongside the physical asset allowing laser scan data to underpin your Digital Asset.

Take the Site, to Site

Taking laser data offline using LFM NetView allows the augmented world to be taken to the real world.

Open Your Data to Global Stakeholders

Collaborating with LFM NetView enables you to share, process and output point cloud data across devices and worldwide locations.

3D Data Capture Solutions

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