AVEVA Project Information Management

Create a trusted digital twin starting in the project phase to enrich your entire asset lifecycle
AVEVA’s unique project information management solution creates a single source of truth to manage your project processes, progress and decisions to unlock the value of a truly connected digital twin. Break down silos and leverage the data you already have by putting it at your fingertips.

AVEVA Project Information Management


Leaders in five key sectors: Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Mining & Minerals, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation and Pulp & Paper were surveyed and we found that:


A full view of your entire project, when and how you need it

Rid yourself of exhaustive project status update meetings and tedious reporting processes and gain access to instantaneous, current data in your capital project’s visual digital twin. Extract deeper insights for optimization of your projects and operations lifecycles from data fed from the source to expedite decision making, reduce administrative costs, and create trust and transparency between all stakeholders.

AVEVA’s Project Information Management solution can help you extract more from your existing data, no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey.

Translate your project data into operational insights through intelligent data  management and digital continuity throughout the asset lifecycle. Read the Paper  

Unlock opportunity from the data you already have, by using it in a way you never have before

AVEVA’s Project Information Management approach creates possibilities for optimizing projects, increasing transparency, and reducing administrative tasks, all while enhancing the operational digital twin.

Instantaneous & Accurate Project Status

AVEVA’s Project Information solution draws data directly from your existing systems to ensure the latest and most trustworthy data is available whenever you need it.

  • Compile aggregated status based on packages or view on a per-object basis with context
  • Create variations of the data view to reveal and or drill-down depending on the stakeholder that is viewing it
  • Remove the need for on-going P&ID mark-up

Project Consolidated View

Draw data from across of your project systems to compile a consolidated view of the project.

  • 1/2D Context Pre-defined lists & reports
  • 2D & 3D visualization of commissioning systems and status
  • 3D Context - Real-time engineering information in context of the model

Contextualize your data through robust reporting functionalities and create insights suitable by individual stakeholder. Integrate your existing data (from AVEVA and other software providers)  – such as contract obligation tracking, materials management, construction planning, and work order completion  – on simple, configurable reports from the same consolidated dashboard to form insights from the data you create throughout your project.

Operational Digital Twin Enrichment

Feed the digital representation models of assets with real time operational data to achieve a “living” digital twin that describes the contribution of the assets to the enterprise and its physical behavior across operational functions.

Collect, store, analyze, and report on operational and asset health information with a data platform that enables equipment performance analysis, streamlined operational processes, and improved asset health.

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Completions Status Visual Queries

Visualize the project status according to what is already built today and what is scheduled or forecasted for completion by a date in the future, or view the progress over time. Quickly view construction sequences with schedule and model in context, and query objects all from one consolidated view.

Your centralized project management center to form the digital twin and protect CapEx profitability


Eliminate manual data population processes

  • Adapted for multiple platforms and inputs to reduce interfaces and cuts administrative costs
  • A data-centric approach greatly reduces outdated and incorrect data to reduce errors and rework
  • The centrally located, indexable format reduces time wasted sourcing information


Increase transparency & improve information handover

  • Establish standardized, live-data reporting for complete transparency across teams
  • Derive trusted, complete data from the source to inform decision making
  • Allows rule-based data sharing according to role or function to protect sensitive data.


Improve project quality, handover & commissioning

  • Form the backbone for advanced project delivery optimization systems like workflow optimization and rules-based project execution
  • Fulfill data requirements for project execution best practices such as Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), and Progressive Handover
  • Achieve safe and timely plant start-up


Project Manager

To Project Managers, delivering against plan is the main priority. AVEVA’s powerful information management solution helps EPCs and Owner Operators remove blind spots, reduce risk, and arms them with the information they need to deliver high quality projects, on-time and on-budget.


Construction Manager

Construction Managers use AVEVA’s Information Management solution to create a consolidated view of the project through automated data feeds from the engineering, design and execution tools. They manage project progress and leverage data to make informed decisions for better outcomes.


Information Manager

Information Managers are responsible for creating data-backed insights from all the information compiled throughout the asset lifecycle. With it’s data-centric approach to information management across the entire asset lifecycle, AVEVA delivers the most complete and insightful digital twin available on the market today.

Hear how intelligent project data management is helping leading organizations  like The Oil and Gas Technology Centre, Westwood Global Energy Group, and Wood  PLC deliver better CapEx projects and optimize operations performance. Watch the Video  

A robust solution for project insights at your fingertips

Connect your software packages to extract the most out of the information you compile everyday while you plan and execute your project.



Create a single, trusted source of contextualized  information to serve as the backbone of your Digital Asset for better collaboration & decision making throughout the entire project & operations lifecycles.

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AVEVA Information Standards Manager

Rationalize existing class libraries to enforce consistent and compliant information standards. Achieve more efficient business processes without without the cost or risk of replacing numerous individual authoring applications.

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AVEVA Asset Information Management Discovery

A fully scalable SaaS infrastructure that enables users to reference and quickly access asset information of all types and sources through an accurate information portal.

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AVEVA’s Progressive Handover Solution

Trust AVEVA’s data-centric progress handover approach to reduce handover and commissioning costs, streamline the population of operational readiness systems and reduce information retrieval time in operations.

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Proven Results on Real Projects

Created by industrial technology experts who have been involved in some of the most complex projects around the world, AVEVA’s lifecycle approach to the digital twin provides you with a unique opportunity to turn your data into tangible business improvements.


K+S Potash

Learn how K+S Potash in Canada achieved full project visibility throughout and a smooth asset handover on a EURO 3.1bn project with 11 global EPCs.

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Wood Group

Hear how Wood Group leverages AVEVA NET to achieve advanced engineering information management flexibility and deliver added transparency to their customers.

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L&T Hydrocarbon

Learn how Indias' L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering created a single-point information repository to integrate data from their extensive suite of engineering, design and project management solutions.

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