Enterprise Wide Training

Accessible, available, affordable scalable solution for corporate training programs.

About Enterprise Wide Training

Enterprise Wide Training is Simulation Based Learning integrated with Learning Management System and e-Learning content. It provides training modules on general representations of industrial processes and pre-defined application content. It delivers a new major Generic LMS interface and Pre-defined training with AR/VR solution.

For customers with specific training initiatives, this training option provides an accessible, available, affordable, scalable and suitable corporate learning and development programs.

Other Training Offers

AVEVA offers a comprehensive set of operator training tools, promoting safe and efficient operations that benefit the plant, the workers, the surrounding community and the overall profitability of the company.

The benefits with Enterprise Wide Training in the Cloud

Increased Accessibility

Accessible anywhere and anytime with an Internet connection

Enhanced Availability

No system maintenance requirements from the client side

A Highly Scalable Option

For additional users on demand

A Lower Cost of Ownership

Limited maintenance overhead and constant availability of the latest version for company and project needs

 Training for Tomorrow  See how cloud-based operator training enables a learning culture that raises  competence quickly Read the Whitepaper  <https://sw.aveva.com/campaigns/training-for-tomorrow-whitepaper>

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Custom Simulation

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For customers interested in developing Operator Training Simulators, this option lowers total cost of ownership through reduced IT footprint and easier maintenance

To learn more about our cloud platform, please visit the Engineering and  Training Cloud Offers page Learn More <https://www.aveva.com/en/Resources/Customer_Stories/>

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