Unified Project Execution

Project complexity is rising, and the tolerance for increased risk is low. Tackle project risk by unifying your people and processes with AVEVA’s fit-for-purpose execution approach.

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CAPEX Project Delivery, Simplified

According to a McKinsey Study, 98% of CAPEX projects are delivered late and 8 of 10 are over budget. Meanwhile, materials costs make up 40% of the average major project.

AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution approach forms a layer of risk protection around your project via enhanced process governance, best-in-class change management, and data-centric construction planning and execution. Connect decision makers with software designed for capital project execution to help you deliver on-time and on-budget, even on the most challenging projects.

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Connected Systems

Enterprise Resource Management

Contract Risk Management

3D Laser Scan Data


Reduce risk on your most complex capital projects


Contract Risk Management

Automate the receipt, review and approval of changes before implementation begins, linking a project's process to the commercial agreement.

Optimize vendor payment schedules, align teams, and leverage automated alerts for potential overruns to achieve more informed decision making as changes arise.

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3D Data Capture

Capture the as-built condition or your brownfield asset, or utilize 3D Data Capture throughout the project to capture behind walls and beneath floors throughout the project to increase quality and enhance data handover. Benefit from total flexibility of your 3D captured data on both greenfield and brownfield sites, connecting all information into 3D tools - without limitation to type, size, speed and volume of scan data collected, agnostic across all capture technologies, and without delay to the overall project.

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Construction Planning & Materials Optimization

Plan the work, and work the plan.

Through it’s integrated, model-driven solution, AVEVA delivers unrivalled Advanced Work Packaging, Work Face Planning, reporting and simulation capabilities.

Achieve early bottleneck detection and align materials availability and construction planning with built-in scheduling to cut material and production costs and improve overall project quality.

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Project change is inevitable and the stakes are high. Protect your success with a unified project delivery strategy.

Learn how AVEVA is rewriting the script for on-time, on-budget CAPEX project execution.

Benefits & Features

Unified Project Execution Business Benefits

  • Lower material costs
  • Lower construction costs
  • Shorter timescales
  • Automated alignment between project teams
  • Controlled change management

  • Informed decision making
  • Bulletproof audit trail
  • Enriched data handover
  • Improved project quality



Responsible for managing
board & shareholder interests and overall health and profitability of the business.

AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution approach helps C-level executives achieve more financially viable CAPEX projects by reducing overall project risk, and ultimately, deliver projects against the plan to minimize the associated CapEx payback period.


Project Managers

For Project Managers, delivering the project safely & according to plan is the main priority.

AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution approach enables efficient planning and project execution, enforces best practice and processes, and aligns teams for complete control over the entire process to help them deliver on time and on budget.


Head of Procurement, Supply Chain, Construction, or Technology

Functional heads inform  the C-suite and are constantly under pressure to exploit company-wide resources to unlock value.

AVEVA’s Unified Project Execution provides the building blocks of the project plan including installation, procurement and construction work packages, with a direct connection into the design tools to support a complete AWP approach.

AVEVA creates opportunity for different project outcomes, no matter the complexity.

Capital project execution is a complex mission. In today’s economic environment, managing risks while maintaining better data handover and transparency is more important than ever, and the pressure to deliver according to plan is crucial. At AVEVA, we equip our customers with the most integrated solutions available today, arming them with complete control throughout all phases of execution to help them execute on-time and on-budget, every time.



Mitigate project risk by connecting project teams, obligations and status together to streamline execution and execute on-time, and on-budget capital projects.

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AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management

Enable efficient planning and execution of all resources at every stage of construction of a complex, intensive asset.

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Capture the 3D baseline of your existing brownfield asset in a simple, accessible and secure workflow with AVEVA LFM.

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AVEVA Information Management

Create a single, trusted source of contextualized  information as the backbone of the Digital Asset for better collaboration & decision making.

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Increase collaboration with stakeholders no matter where they sit in the world, futureproof investments, unlock greater scalability and reduce costs by leveraging the power of AVEVA Unified Project Execution on the cloud.


Discover how AVEVA’s cloud-enabled capital project execution method can help you execute your capital projects more efficiently, cost-effectively, and with less risk. Choose your industry.

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