Unified Project Execution

Capital project success means on-time and on-budget execution, and the stakes are higher than ever. Mitigate CAPEX risk with connected, automated systems for complete project control from kickoff to completion.

Unified Project Execution

CAPEX Project Delivery, Simplified

According to a McKinsey Study, 98% of CAPEX projects are delivered late and 8 of 10 are over budget. Meanwhile, materials costs make up 40% of the average major project.

Your resources are your greatest expense, but also your greatest opportunity. Connect construction contract risk management to strategic resource management for on-target execution through improved collaboration, fully-informed decision making, and trusted data.

Connected Systems

Enterprise Resource Management

Contract Risk Management

3D Laser Scan Data


AVEVA creates opportunity for different project outcomes, no matter the complexity.

Capital project execution is a complex mission. In today’s economic environment, managing risks while maintaining better data handover and transparency is more important than ever, and the pressure to deliver according to plan is crucial. At AVEVA, we equip our customers with the most integrated solutions available today, arming them with complete control throughout all phases of execution to help them execute on-time and on-budget, every time.

  • AVEVA ProCon

    Mitigate project risk by connecting project teams, obligations and status together to streamline execution and execute on-time, and on-budget capital projects.

  • AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management

    Enable efficient planning and execution of all resources at every stage of construction of a complex, intensive asset.


    Capture the 3D baseline of your existing brownfield asset in a simple, accessible and secure workflow with AVEVA LFM.

  • AVEVA Information Management

    Create a single, trusted source of contextualized  information as the backbone of the Digital Asset for better collaboration & decision making.

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  • AVEVA Connect

    Leverage AVEVA’s secure cloud technology to enable deeper insights and more flexibility and scalability across your asset and operations lifecycles.

  • Operator Training Simulators (OTS)

    See the power of advanced computer-based training to give operators the skills they need to run a process or plant.

Project change is inevitable and the stakes are high. Protect your success with a unified project delivery strategy

Learn how AVEVA is rewriting the script for on-time, on-budget CAPEX project execution

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