AVEVA at Energy Thought Summit 2019

Visit AVEVA at the Energy Thought Summit April 15-18, 2019 to see how we are building a new future in industrial software for the Power industry.


Venue: Austin, TX, USA

Address: Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater (ACL Live)

When: 15-18 April 2019

Contact: Vanessa Erickson, Marketing Manager

About the Energy Thought Summit

Energy Thought Summit (ETS) 2019 is the premier event for thought leaders and senior executives in the global energy industry. Since its inception in 2014, the event has been about connecting and promoting established and emerging leaders in the greater energy landscape.

Never wavering from this mission, ETS delivers not only dynamic learning and growth opportunities, but also meaningful ways to connect with peers. From keynotes by the biggest names in the industry to information-rich breakout sessions, ETS offers engaging dialogue about how to innovate and elevate the energy industry.

With a theme of 'Love Your Energy', the 2019 event will explore all the moving parts that go into delivering energy to consumers and highlight how utilities can have a positive impact on society today in a way that customers value and that is environmentally conscious.

By the numbers:

648 Attendees § 190 utility attendees § 35 Utility CXOs § 1 can’t miss event


As the proud Premier Sponsor of the event, AVEVA will take the stage at the event, alongside senior leaders from NRG, Exelon, ENGIE Resources, National Grid, and many more.

Keynote Presentation

From Tesla to Tesla: Digital Technology and Reinvention of the Power Industry

Tuesday, April 16 | 9:15 to 9:30 AM

Presenter: Leif Eriksen, VP Industry Strategy, AVEVA

The electrical power system is undergoing a major transformation on a scale not seen since the days of Nikola Tesla and the foundations were laid for today’s ubiquitous electrical grid.  Tesla’s contributions to the invention of the polyphase AC induction motor towards the end of the 19th century helped open the door to widespread use of electricity, ushering in the modern era and great prosperity.

We are now almost two decades into the 21st century, electric cars are proliferating (led by the car company Tesla), consumers are producing their own power (prosumers), and renewable sources of power are proliferating. Traditional participants in the market – both power producers and grid operators – will have to adapt if they are to continue to be viable. Leif Eriksen, VP Industry Strategy for AVEVA, will draw a line from power industry past to power industry future and explain what it will take to survive and thrive as the industry is reinvented.

Panel Discussion

Breaking Down Silos in Digital Investments: A Lifecycle Approach

Wednesday, April 17 from 9:45 – 10:30 a.m

Understanding the technology and driving forces behind digital transformation is the key to mastering the digital future of utilities. A lifecycle approach to managing asset information is a critical component of digital transformation but requires new streams of information to breakdown business silos. This panel will discuss how operational and asset lifecycles empower enterprise-wide decision making and increase asset longevity and performance while ensuring safe and reliable work environments.

Moderator: Zpryme (TBD)


  • Leif Eriksen, VP, Industry Strategy, AVEVA
  • Hilary Flynn, Director of Incubation & Early Stage Investing, National Grid 
  • Jason Ketchum, VP, Commercial Natural Gas Distribution, OneGas

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to our latest podcast featuring industry expert, Bernie Cook, EVP of Equipment Reliability Process & Technology at Woyshner Service. Utilities are beginning to explore predictive modeling and analytics to help protect their assets and avoid disaster, but access to quality data is crucial to optimizing the impact of these latest innovations. That's where monitoring comes in. This podcast, presented by ETS and AVEVA, explores the importance of asset monitoring now to avoid catastrophe down the line, and acquire data to improve asset health. We also talk about changes in utility culture in the digital era.

Bernie Cook is an Executive Consultant supporting industry with implementing new IIOT equipment reliability process and technology solutions to address today’s significant reliability and cost challenges. He is a retired power utility professional from Duke Energy with over 38 years of experience implementing advanced technologies to support operations and maintenance improvements. He was responsible for implementing Duke Energy’s Equipment Reliability Programs including the Monitoring & Diagnostic Center and Duke Energy’s SmartGen Project, an industry leading Advanced IIOT Infrastructure of over 30K sensors and advanced analytics in over 50 power plants, and also led the implementation of InStep's PRiSM (now part of AVEVA) at Duke in 2005. Since retiring and partnering with WSC, he is sharing his experience with other companies to help them streamline the implementation of new continuous online monitoring technologies and integrate into their equipment reliability programs.

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