Industrial AI/IoT Expo 2019

Join AVEVA at the Industrial AI/IoT Expo where we will feature AVEVA’s wide portfolio components that directly addresses digital transformation imperatives.


Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Address: BOOTH - WEST 1 HALL WEST 5-21

When: 6 - 8 February, 2019

Contact: David Toh

Digital Transformation isn't only about driving innovation across your assets and operational lifecycles. It's also about adapting how your people work to improve profitability of production operations, maximise return on capital investments and achieve the lowest total cost of ownership. With AVEVA as your Digital Transformation partner, your people can take advantage of the speed, agility, and efficiency of modern technologies such as cloud, Industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality.

AVEVA’s key objective of Industrial AI/IoT Expo 2019:

  • Share how AVEVA provides best in class and capable solutions to deliver Digital Transformation across the asset and operational lifecycle
  • Provide the most intuitive, productive and robust environment for engineering, design, procure, construct monitor and control and plan & schedule
  • Validates, manages and shares all types of information, in context, across the enterprise
  • Orchestration of all elements across production operations

What is AVEVA doing at this event?

Along with technical experts; AVEVA will be showcasing the following solutions:

  • EYESIM AR/VR Immersive Training for SOP
  • EYESIM AR/VR for Immersive Maintenance Training
  • AVEVA Engage
  • InTouch Edge HMI
  • AVEVA InSight/ AVEVA InSight Performance

Why should you participate?

By visiting our demos and engaging with our experts onsite, attendees are able to gain high efficiency and cost savings by:

  • Turning data from multiple information sources and systems into ‘actionable information’ improving operational safety, asset information integrity and reducing risk
  • AVEVA’s Asset Visualisation provides a rapid, contextualized and easy to use view of the entire digital asset, providing access to the right information, in the right place, at the right time
  • Improves design productivity and supports the realization of projects that fit budgets and schedules
  • AVEVA EYESIM AR/VR Immersive Training System is a 3D engineering tool  that provides 3D virtual reality system for field operator station with on-demand and self-study style training without instructor and special drawing for engineering education
InTouch Edge HMI provide more than just process visualisation. They must connect people, applications, and machines for greater collaboration, efficiency, and economy.

For more information on the event and how to register, visit website.

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