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Typical Project Areas for Quick Wins

When the business needs to “move the needle” quickly, Schneider Electric offers a number of options to demonstrate performance improvements within a year and sometimes even as quickly as 4 months. The following are examples of typical areas for realizing quick wins:

Predictive Analytics Projects:

By mining existing data sources to show results quickly, predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities can show significant savings through cost avoidance across multiple areas of power utilities.

Equipment / Area
Savings through Early Warning
Motor Coupling $500,000+ in cost avoidance
Pump Feed Water Heater $ 370,000 in cost avoidance
Bearing Seal $250,000 in cost avoidance
Pump inefficiencies $250,000 per year
Control valve position $243,000 in cost avoidance
Performance tuning $50,000+ in cost avoidance
Advanced Process Control Projects:

Schneider Electric’s market leadership in Advanced Process Control is another area of capability where we have helped conventional generation customers reduce emissions and improve heat rates, where the economic impact is typically seen in less than 6 months.

Time to Savings
NRG Huntley Station 6 months
South Mississippi Electric Power Authority R.D. Morrow Station 6 months
NRG Morgantown Station 6 months
AES, Alamitos Power Plant 5 months
Entergy Independence Station 6 months
Entergy White Bluff Plant 6 months
Ontario Power Generation, Thunder Bay Unit 3 4 months
Mobility Projects:

There are many opportunities for quickly improving the productivity of operator rounds using mobile technology. And again, we have been able to show high payback within a short time frame.

Time to Savings
EVP Operations,
Power Company
"The [mobility] project set a new benchmark for how a project should unfold when a high payback goal is identified, resources committed and execution is near flawless. … This fast payback project was the highlight of our reliability and Information Technology teams this year and an example of how functions should work together to deliver technology that supports process improvements tied to management’s objectives to reduce costs and de-rates.”
VP Operations,
Power Company
“With operators executing best practices (two months after deployment) we have already detected 29 alert conditions that led to work notifications and 2 potential de-rate preventing alerts.”