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Maintaining Operational Efficiency
in Beverages and Brewing

The beverages and brewing industry is characterised by high production volumes and two major production steps: processing and packaging. AVEVA makes it possible for beverages and brewing manufacturers to maximise line throughput and minimise equipment downtime.

Maximising Line Performance

Volatile commodity and packaging material costs represent up to 40% of revenues. This means that beverage manufacturers need to improve equipment uptime, increase line throughput, and improve quality. In order to remain profitable, it’s critical to avoid bottlenecks in the packaging process and lower scrap rates.

Enable Remote Teams to Access Existing Plants
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Transparency Across Multiple Sites for Unification of Information
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Monitor Performance of Aging Production Equipment with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
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Exceeding Reliability, Safety and Performance

The beverages and brewing industry continuously seek ways to make the most of their equipment and resources in order to remain competitive. With varying equipment types, ages, and levels of instrumentation across the plant, improving asset reliability becomes a daunting task.

Lean Manufacturing and Production Optimization
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Maximize Energy Efficiency and Reliability
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Maximize Operational Continuity and Manage Operational Risk
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Machines and Equipment HMI and Supervisory Control
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Plant and Site Operations Supervisory Control
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Process Unit Supervisory Control
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Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

In beverage manufacturing and brewing, many processes are cross-functional by nature. However, these processes are mostly manual or use differing software applications. Beverage manufacturers require a collaborative electronic system to help them gain a significant competitive advantage. They must combine cross-functional processes to support both HACCP analysis systems and continuous improvement systems.

Track and Trace for Food Traceability
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Manage Product Quality and Consistency - Inline Sample Plan Execution for Positive Release
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