On Demand Webinar

How to Optimize your Water Network Distribution

Today, water utilities are searching for advanced systems to manage their Water Network beyond traditional SCADA that, while providing point data, does not necessarily provide information about the end-to-end water network.

Water Network Optimization moves beyond traditional SCADA, allowing water utilities to monitor and optimize their entire water distribution network, acquiring data from network critical points and making the data available in real-time via a centralized SCADA system that transforms daily operations from reactive to proactive…with no advanced hydraulic skills needed!

Learn how The Water Network Optimization Suite (WNO) draws data from existing systems such as SCADA and GIS, and turns it into actionable information that helps transform non-revenue water, reduce risk and the cost of managing the water distribution network by:

  • Providing real-time dynamic monitoring and control
  • Identifying potential breaches in service
  • Obtaining data on areas and assets that are not instrumented
  • Monitoring your water quality parameters
  • Optimizing water network maintenance and expansion planning

Meet the Speaker

Manuel Parra Batres

Manuel Parra Batres;
General Manager, Smart Water Software;

Manuel Parra joined AVEVA in 2005. During his twelve years in the company, Manuel has held different business development and director positions with focus in the water market. In his current role Manuel is responsible for leading the business development efforts for the company’s water and district energy software in the Americas region.

Manuel is also a cofounder and board member of the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), and he has become an avid and active voice in the smart water networks space and has authored numerous articles, white-papers and presentations on various smart water topics.