The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Empowering closed loop business operations

The DNA of Modern Industrial Operations

You may have heard of the Internet of Things: the growing network of devices that can connect, communicate and transfer data between one another. The same transformation is prevalent in the world of industrial manufacturing and automation through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The reduced cost of connectivity, the high volume of data from more devices than ever before is giving rise to a new era of opportunities.

IIoT enables a framework to effectively close the loop for business operations. With our AVEVA offerings, we have absorbed this concept and have been delivering value across the continuum of technologies for the last 50 years. With the new dimension of reduced cost, advanced connectivity, there is a need for unifying systems that provide context and organisation to the high volume of data available. The time tested and real-world approach of AVEVA leveraging IIoT can:

  • Extend and adapt to all operational models
  • Manage and contextualise industrial data
  • Deliver actionable knowledge and intelligence to your workforce

At AVEVA we have absorbed the concept of the Industrial Internet of Things and have been delivering value across the continuum of technologies for the last 50 years.

As a plethora of new connected devices becomes available, and the cost of instrumenting remote equipment plummets, the need for unifying systems which provide context and organisation of the massive amounts of new data available is becoming essential. 

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Pioneering the Connected Enterprise

AVEVA has been delivering industry leading technologies and pioneering innovation with Industrial Internet of Things IIoT for a long time.

Market Leadership

  • #1 HMI, Market leading MES
  • High scale of connectivity
  • 100,000 plants and 1.6M licenses

Industry Innovation

  • 1st Cloud Historian 
  • Full scale support for mobility
  • 1st to market with hardware neutral connectivity

Unlock the Power of Industrial Data

The true impact of IIoT is finding meaningful business context for your industrial data, and delivering actionable information for the business. Our 4-point approach to closing the loop can improve the efficiency of your People, Assets and Operations.



Expand your instrumentation capabilities with low-cost, low-power sensors that connect, unify and standardise disparate data sources.



Gather and efficiently store massive amounts of industrial data on premise or in the Cloud.



Transform industrial data to meaningful analytics specific to your situation, industry and operational models to give essential context to business users and advanced applications.



Close the business loop through actionable information from workflow management, business logic and industry oriented solutions for your enterprise.

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