The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Enabling Teams to Make Intelligent Business Decisions

Delivering Data Where and When you Need It

The IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, represents a new way to bring data from previously inaccessible data streams into a more complete view of a business. The Internet of Things generally refers to devices which were historically not connected to the internet, but now are – for example wearables, smart TVs, and security cameras. The Industrial Internet of Things (the IIoT) more specifically refers to industrial devices that are now equipped with the capabilities to send data to HMI and SCADA systems or the cloud. These “smart” devices may include things like connected sensors, valves, switches, or field devices that connect to the network.

The barriers to adopting IIoT technology have fallen dramatically in the past decade. Historical challenges to implementing IIoT solutions included expensive components to add network connectivity, difficulty aggregating data from disparate data streams, and lack of a centralized database or dashboard.

Now these barriers are mostly gone, thanks to improvements in technology and a focus from software providers on creating platform agnostic solutions for reading and writing data.

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The Value of the IIoT

The key value of an IIoT architecture is the context it provides data. By aggregating data streams into a single source of truth, it’s possible to analyze and understand data and make actionable decisions.


Optimized Operational Efficiency

See immediate ROI by aggregating previously inaccessible data from your network and analyzing it in the cloud to increase efficiency, monitor asset performance, and perform predictive maintenance with the aid of AI and machine learning.


Flexible Architectures

IIoT connectivity enables the collection of data from sources from the edge to enterprise level of the business and contextualizes it in the cloud for intelligent analytics and increased responsiveness. Bring the entire supply chain together with high availability in a platform agnostic software that supports highly flexible architectures.


Context for Data

Data without context can easily overwhelm operators and managers. When the ability to collect and aggregate data is combined with the power of the cloud to analyze and structure information, the result is a single source of truth that teams from across the business can use to filter through only the information they require, in a way that makes sense.


Enable Smart Decisions

Employing solutions such as AI and Machine Learning to data in the cloud enables teams to act based on contextual information. Analysis of data may help businesses perform predictive maintenance, understand trends in machine performance, or make critical purchasing decisions. The IIoT can help you get data where and when it’s necessary, extend it to any device, and break down silos of information.

Implementing Solutions Throughout the Value Chain

AVEVA’s broad edge to enterprise portfolio is designed to add the value of the IIoT to your entire organization.

We understand that shifting your operations to harness the power of IIoT is unlikely to be as simple as flipping a switch. That’s why we have software solutions and strategic partnerships in place to effectively close the business operations loop for you, at scale, as quickly or gradually as you need to.

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