Capitalizing megatrends with IIoT

Creating Opportunities for Business Efficiencies

Digitization, Urbanization & Industrialization

AVEVA has been leading the industry with IIoT with innovative real-time  operations control, information management and operations management technologies. With IIoT becoming mainstream, we are recognizing global trends that drive a more connected and efficient enterprise.


Low-cost, low-power devices w/ high volume & scale of data.


Scalability presents new challenges and stress on all industries.


Growing energy consumption necessitates new regulations & efficiencies.



With the falling cost of connectivity and the widespread adoption of connected assets, focus has turned to implementing low-cost devices. Keeping operational costs at an acceptable level means making this digital transformation in gradual stages.



The number of cities proper with more than 10M in population continues to rise. By 2030, the number will have almost doubled to 41. By 2050, more than 2.5B people are expected to be living in cities. As the volume of connected people and the demand for city services grows, cities are looking to industrial leaders to create new efficiencies of scale.



Industries account for roughly 1/3rd of the world’s total energy consumption,  with global industrial energy use projected to double in the next 30 years. In order to maintain viable, sustainable operations, digital transformation can’t be put off any longer.

The time is now.

Opportunities introduced by these trends

The value comes from leveraging the power of IIoT technologies for reduced cost connectivity, advanced wireless networks, cloud and mobility based information management – to convert data into actionable insights for business efficiencies.


  • Predictive data analytics for asset operations
  • Closed loop view of asset design and run-time


  • Maximize energy efficiency for connected industrial facilities
  • Real-time feedback loop for regulatory compliance


  • Centralized operations for connected facilities
  • Providing real-time utility data to connected people

Embrace Your Digital Transformation.

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