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Unprecedented demand for information, combined with changing consumption modes (delivered anywhere, at any time, to any device) has resulted in rapid expansion for one of the world’s fastest growing industries – Data Centers

Recent trends in IoT, Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, and Analytics from both the consumer and enterprise markets are driving tremendous demands for more computing and storage capacity. As data centre operators race to keep up with customer requirements, opportunities exist for these infrastructure providers to turn to these same technologies to optimize their operations and reduce the costs of meeting customers’ service level requirements.

Uptime, Resiliency, Security, Energy Costs, and Performance are all key performance indicators for data centre operators. As providers have expanded to multi-site operations, the increased needs for improved situational awareness and workforce enablement are causing operators to rethink their approach to data centre management.

AVEVA’s capabilities in monitoring & control, asset performance, and operations optimization is a perfect fit for data centre operators seeking to digitally transform their operations to reduce risk, save costs, optimize performance, and speed crisis response. Our hardware and software vendor-agnostic solutions have allowed over 5000 infrastructure operators worldwide to preserve their investment in legacy systems while realizing up to 80% increase in engineering efficiency, 40% increase in operational efficiency, and 50% increase in IT efficiency. The result is lowered total cost of ownership and operations while extending the useful life of existing assets as you progress along your digital transformation journey.

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Make faster, more informed decisions and speed crisis response

Resiliency is a primary concern for data centre operators and their customers. Whether reacting to a crisis situation, or optimizing deployments and maintenance operations, making the right decisions quickly and with confidence is imperative.

AVEVA’s Unified Operations Centre provides infrastructure operators with a single-pane-of-glass view of operations which breaks down departmental silos, integrates IT and OT systems, and gives operators clear, concise, and comprehensive information. Additionally, the rest of AVEVA’s monitoring, control, and industrial information management solutions can provide data centre operators with the tools they need to monitor operations and take decisive action when required across all sites and locations under their purview.

Unified Operations Center for Increased Operational Agility
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Transparency Across Multiple Sites for Unification of Information
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Minimize risk to people, assets, and operations

Uptime is money in the data centre business. AVEVA helps data centre operators increase situational awareness and more fully understand the operating condition of your assets in order to move from reactive crisis mitigation to proactive risk management in your operations. This increased knowledge allows data centre operators to extend the useful life of your assets while ensuring safety of your employees and your equipment.

Maximize Operational Continuity and Manage Operational Risk
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Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability
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Reduce energy and operational costs

With the price of storage and computing power plummeting, reducing operational and energy costs can help turn a break-even data centre into a profitable operation. AVEVA’s monitoring & control, digital twin and operations optimization capabilities, coupled with enterprise asset management and asset performance solutions help data centre operators minimize the energy consumed to meet service level requirements while reducing the overall costs of operations through workforce efficiency, reduced inventory costs, and greater visibility to key KPIs and operational conditions

Maximize Energy Efficiency and Reliability
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Plant and Site Operations Supervisory Control
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Optimise performance of employees, assets, and operations

Data Centre operators are continually turning to digital transformation to streamline operations. By empowering employees with mobile solutions, connecting stranded assets, providing context-based integrated data visualization and analysis, and delivering advanced training tools , AVEVA’s solutions allow you to increase situational awareness, to maximise the use of all available data in making informed decisions, and to improve systems and asset performance in real-time. We ensure your employees have the right training and the right data, at the right time, in the right location, and on the device of their choice.

Enable Remote Teams to Access Existing Plants
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The digital revolution is here

We’re helping the world’s most innovative infrastructure projects shape a sustainable future.

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