Don’t just digitize, transform.

Drive operator, plant, and maintenance performance through advanced technologies.

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Innovation begins with you.

Create new products and processes, and optimize existing production for a lower cost per unit.

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Optimize performance.

Drive down cost of production through operational excellence and higher asset utilization.

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Leading Chemical companies rely on AVEVA to actively drive value and sustainability by applying its technologies and expertise to continuously improve plant and facilities operations, lower waste, provide more flexible and agile production capabilities and reduce unit costs, energy and greenhouse gas intensities and plant emissions, all while simultaneously raising yields and quality compliance.

We help customers achieve

We help customers achieve:

  • Engineering Excellence: Design plants for maximum efficiency and minimum CAPEX
  • Supply Chain Excellence: Manage the supply chain with optimum visibility
  • Operational Excellence: Optimize plant performance and workforce enablement with enhanced visualization and decision support
  • Asset Excellence: Maximize asset utilization through comprehensive asset performance management and predictive analytics

Transform the Way You Optimize Assets, Processes, and People

The Digital Transformation is currently taking place in all sectors of the chemicals market. In addition to digitizing your manufacturing plant to make it more agile in your supply chain, this transformation enables the organization to enhance plant operational business practices to drive higher levels of collaboration, agility, standardization. This approach uses people, processes, and technology to deliver improved performance, agility, and reliability.

  • Maximize the Asset

    Maximize the Asset

    • Create new (or optimize) high margin products or processes for lower cost per unit
    • Increase agility for differentiated chemicals

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  • Optimize the Process

    Optimize the Process

    • Drive down cost of production for commoditized chemicals
    • Integrate production with supply chain for higher asset utilization

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  • Enable the People

    Enable the People

    • Bring new operators up to speed with increased automation and mobility
    • Decrease time to knowledge and increase retention

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Our Digital Twin can reduce simulation effort by 50% throughout a plant’s lifecycle.

sim sci employee

Infographic: Digital Transformation in Chemical Manufacturing

Download the infographic to learn how digitization can transform the chemicals industry by:

  • Reducing operator training time by as much as 12 months
  • What other chemical manufacturers are doing to save over $500,000 in utility and material costs
  • Where to start in your digital transformation journey
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Innovation Focuses on Four Excellences

No matter where you are within the Chemicals plant lifecycle, your primary goal is excellence. In Engineering Excellence, you must focus on optimizing the plant design while minimizing cost. To get the most across your entire operation, you must focus on the efficiencies that can be derived from Supply Chain Excellence. Within operations, your Operational Excellence goal is to maximize profitability through well-trained operators and a safe environment. Among other things, Asset Excellence can look at the entire set of assets to predict when failures may occur.

  • Engineering Excellence

    Engineering Excellence

    Simulation Platform for Chemicals

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  • Supply Chain Excellence

    Supply Chain Excellence

    Unified Supply Chain Management

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  • Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence

    Workforce Enablement

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  • Asset Excellence

    Asset Excellence

    Enterprise Asset Performance Management

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Our Utilities Optimization solution can reduce energy cost by 5%.

Whitepaper: Digital Transformation in Chemical Manufacturing

Whitepaper: Digital Transformation in Chemical Manufacturing

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • How Digital Transformation is increasing chemical manufacturers' competitive edge
  • What Digital Transformation can do to empower people and improve profitability and return on capital across the operations and asset lifecycle
  • Where and how to begin your digital transformation journey today
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Customer Success Stories

Here’s how your competitors are using AVEVA software to drive profitability, safety, and efficiency.

  • Simulation Platform for Chemicals

    Simulation Platform for Chemicals

    Customer Success Story: Simulation Platform for Chemicals

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  • Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

    Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

    Customer Success Story: Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

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  • Workforce Enablement

    Workforce Enablement

    Customer Success Story: Workforce Enablement

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  • Energy Optimization

    Energy Optimization

    Customer Success Story: Energy Optimization

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  • AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

    AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

    Customer Success Story: AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

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  • Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Customer Success Story: Predictive Analytics

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Our Immersive Training solution can reduce on-job-training by 30-40% and lower maintenance budgets by 1-3%.