General Session Keynote:

A Digital Transformation to Create Chemistry

BASF logo Uwe Hinsen

General Session Keynote: A Digital Transformation to Create Chemistry

Digital Transformation has profoundly changed and continues to change many industries. It started with industries which are more digital in nature, like the media, and expanded into retail, agriculture and discrete manufacturing to name a few. The continuous process industry is no exception. To master this transformation, BASF launched an Industrie 4.0 initiative and Smart Manufacturing program in 2016 with a dedicated project team reporting directly to the CEO.  Learn how BASF is approaching digital transformation across people, process and or assets to increase efficiency. Several case studies will be presented showcasing key aspects of this transformation journey related to the chemical industry.

Uwe Hinsen brings a wealth of experience to the Innovation Summit: Software Conference. Register today to hear how he and BASF are using technology like Augmented Reality to raise workforce efficiency, raise knowledge transfer, and reduce potential errors.

  • 2015 Vice President, BASF 4.0 Manufacturing, BASF SE, Germany
  • 2011 Vice President, Technology and Operations, Paper Chemicals, BASF Switzerland AG
  • 2009 Head of Management Consulting Operations, BASF Schweiz AG
  • 2002 Site Manager, Kaisten, Plastic Additives Ciba, Kaisten Switzerland
  • 1997 Head of Production Additives Kaisten Ciba, Kaisten Switzerland
  • 1984 Process Engineering, Ciba-Geigy AG, Basel Switzerland and Mobile, Al USA

San Antonio, TX

The Grand Hyatt | October 2-5, 2017

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