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Searching for a Serialization Solution?
Look no further.

At Schneider Electric, we understand that implementing serialization can be complex. With our team of experienced project managers, we endeavor to take pharmaceutical companies through the serialization journey with ease.

The Life Sciences Suite by Schneider Electric is designed for use at the plant line level and site level and works seamlessly with existing business systems. The solution allows for integration of operational data, including serialization information into existing MES systems.

Scalable. Secure. Extensive.

Its highly scalable and secure architecture caters to current and future expansion requirements. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced workflow process, providing additional control for site notification events to the enterprise
  • Centralized data source for analytics and reporting
  • Harmonized database structure for report development
  • Single source for all site data
  • Supports site metric/comparison reports

With the Life Sciences Serialization Suite, speed to deployment is faster, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for pharmaceutical companies with less substantial changes to the underlying manufacturing systems and business systems.

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