Streamline production operations while adhering to stringent regulations

Digital Transformation as an Imperative in Today’s Complex Drug Manufacturing Network

Strong competition along with the pressure to lower costs is compelling pharmaceutical manufacturers to constantly seek ways to optimise end-to-end operations with the use of new technology. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are able to streamline and optimise production operations, and ensure quality and traceability, all while ensuring product integrity and regulatory compliance with AVEVA solutions.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are expected to adhere to stringent compliance standards.Production information needs to be unified in order to support continuous improvement analysis, traceability, and reporting. There is a compelling requirement for a high-performance process historian with production history archiving, and efficient data compression and retrieval.

Addressing the Rising Global Concern for Data Integrity
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Maintaining Data Integrity During Digital Transformation
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Beyond Regulatory Mandates
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Maintaining Data Integrity

Data integrity applies to both electronic and paper records, including product and raw material specifications, BOM, recipes, SOPs, laboratory instrument data, master production and batch records, equipment setup configurations, and maintenance logs. The industry requires an effective solution that can generate, transform, maintain, and assure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of data over its entire lifecycle.

Managing Supply and Demand

Pharmaceutical manufacturing involves high-volume production while optimising each batch as a separate process. This sometimes includes switching products between batches and executing many batches in a single day. As such, pharmaceutical manufacturers are faced with the challenge to manage batch execution more efficiently.


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