A Sea Change: Digital Transformation in the Marine and Offshore Sector

How to meet these challenges?

Shipyards and owners are increasingly turning to digital technology. Innovations such as integrated engineering and design, data-sharing on the cloud and better information management are enabling them to streamline design and build efficiently.

Now it is possible to connect the 3D-based asset information model with real-time data collection and analysis for use in ship and platform operations, maintenance, planning and training.

At AVEVA World Summit we will demonstrate how digital transformation is reshaping the marine and offshore industry. You will be able to hear about a wider range of opportunities to improve the way you do business.

A capable toolset is no longer enough

Digitalisation and automation has been in the agenda of the maritime industry and theoretical concepts are now becoming concrete projects.

Today, shipbuilders, design companies and ship owners must be able to adapt rapidly to the changing market conditions. You should be able to adapt not only the products that you offer, but how they generate a sustainable revenue stream once they have left the yard. This is a question of agility, how technologies can transform your businesses.

Digitalisation of processes related to ship design, production, operation and system integration will lead to more efficient and safer vessels. Today, the technology is available to help you to transform your business across the maritime value chain.

Boost efficiency, shape your digital strategy

Learn how at AVEVA World Summit.

  • Understand what the recent merger with AVEVA industrial software division means for the marine industry
  • Learn how the world’s leading players are using AVEVA’s technologies to transform their businesses
  • Discover the benefits of digitalisation
  • Join us on the journey that shipbuilders and the maritime value chain as a whole is embarking on to radically change the way ships are designed, built and operated.

Digitalisation will determine the future of the marine industry. And what truly defines the ultimate fit-for-purpose shipbuilding solution that will equip today’s maritime industry with greater agility to formulate new and relevant operational models? Don’t miss out! Register today.

AVEVA can help you to shape your digital strategy!

“By using AVEVA we had 30-40% of savings in project efficiency”
Christian Heinscher, CEO, SMK Konstruktionsbüro

AVEVA World Conference – Sweden 2018

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By Bruce Douglas

By Bruce Douglas

Head of Integration and Corporate Strategy, AVEVA

Started his career at Harland & Wolff Shipbuilders, Belfast, where he had leadership roles in CAD/CAM Implementation, Technical Services and Outfitting Design.

In 1989, he joined Kockums Computer Systems (KCS), Malmo, Sweden which later became Tribon Solutions. During his career at KCS/Tribon Solutions he had leadership roles in sales, marketing, customer support and contract management.

In 2004 Tribon Solutions was acquired by AVEVA and he took part in the integration of the two organisations. At AVEVA he has worked in product strategy, marketing and sales excellence roles.

Currently he is leading the merger of the former Schneider Electric Software Business with the AVEVA business while also being Head of Corporate Strategy Bruce is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and an Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.