A Revolution in Shipbuilding Efficiency

Gain the advantages of AVEVA's Integrated Shipbuilding, the most complete solution for integrating all aspects of the shipbuilding process.

Bringing design and resource management information together

Integrated Shipbuilding brings together the market-leading capability of the AVEVA Marine family of products with the proven resource management capabilities of AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management into an integrated platform for planning, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and production.

An integrated data model ensures that critical material data is entered only once, reducing errors to ensure consistent data in design through to production, and eliminating the need for bespoke middleware. Bill of Materials management gives shipyards the confidence to accurately order long-lead materials and react decisively to changes in the event of evolving design criteria. Moreover, production workers benefit from a work execution application bringing design and resource management information together to enable the leanest execution of production activities.

Higher Quality, Lower Costs, Shorter Timescale

Efficient Production Processes through Digital Transformation

Technology for new vessels is rapidly changing, companies are consolidating, and regulation is ever more rigorous. Leading shipyards face challenges from increasing competition. Generational changes are reshaping the industrial marine workforce. In times like these, it has never been more important to manage costs across complex, global supply chains and optimise operations to maximise efficiency. Shipbuilding excellence relies on:

  • Design-to-production, agility and efficiency across all project streams
  • Optimised material process through effective resource management
  • Mastered design quality leading to right-first-time, error-free production

An efficient production process is key to success and can be achieve through a digital transformation.


Optimise Latest Technologies to Create a Streamlined, Sustainable Operational model

AVEVA is a trusted partner providing world-leading marine software solutions for the design, production and modification of large and complex projects in offshore and shipbuilding industries. AVEVA has closed the lifecycle loop for Digital Transformation process and offers the full-lifecycle solution from engineering & design, through resource management to Smart Production and on into asset performance management and monitoring and control solutions.


Integrated engineering, design and production to ensure the design spiral is as tight as possible and as many design iterations can be executed in a given time.


Integrated digital twin generation and handover – to ensure the most complete , accurate and reusable digital twin is captured and transferred to operations whilst protecting shipbuilders intellectual property.


Built in quality control, from design and production checks to mobile applications for the shop floor or onboard. Built it right first time.


Deliver smarter, more effective products – through integrated monitoring and control and asset performance management.


Optimize shipyard resources with integrated planning and material management  and IoT solutions for shipyard machinery.


Integrated shipbuilding streamlines the shipbuilding process from the initial generation of reference material data and equipment lists, through the evolution of the Bill of Materials in basic design, detailed design and production design and onto the shop floor, ensuring the creation of an integrated, accurate, shared and ultimately high-quality Digital Asset – the ideal platform for life cycle collaboration and increased digitisation of the industry.


Understanding Your Challenges...

Disconnect between Design and Production

The increasing disconnect between design and resource management

  • CAD/CAM and ERP are the two pillars of any shipbuilding enterprise, determining and documenting what needs to be built, and ensuring the materials and human resources are available at the right time to build it. However, they are often implemented as stand-alone vertical applications, primarily designed to serve their respective departments of engineering and project management.
  • Shipyard IT departments struggle to integrate common information and ensure the consistent transfer of material and planning information between these two applications.

Controlling Costs

  • Poorly integrated information results in the need to re-enter data and ultimately leads to designers, production workers and project managers having to interpret large volumes of information from their respective colleagues; this, in the worst cases, leads to rework and its associated costs.
  • Lack of visibility of project status, increasing risk and control of ROI, and ultimately leading to uninformed decision making and reduced responsiveness to changes.

... And How We Can Help

An integrated platform for planning, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and production

Seamless Integration

Thanks to the integration of the most critical shipbuilding IT tools, all data is entered only once, and continuously developed throughout the ship design and production process.

Integrated Shipbuilding is the only integrated platform for planning, engineering, design, procurement, fabrication and production. AVEVA Marine and AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management are the industry’s leading and most proven tools for shipbuilding.

Optimized Workflows and Automation

A common information model and Bill of Materials concept allows for cross-departmental transparency and provides the enterprise with the basis for developing optimised workflows and automation.

Control of Change

All AVEVA’s products and tools are object-centric and can therefore handle with ease very large volumes of data. Integration at the object level allows Integrated Shipbuilding to provide ultimate control of change, minimising unplanned changes and delivering just-in-time production documentation.

AVEVA's expanded portfolio creates enhanced value from the digital twin in operations.

Benefits of AVEVA's Unified Shipbuilding Approach

Higher Quality, Lower Costs, Shorter Timescale


Intelligent Solutions for the Marine Asset and Operational Life Cycles

Deliver projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards

Integrated Engineer and Design

Reduce design iterations, cost and risk. Control and accelerate the iterative design and engineering process within one integrated set of products. The right information, when and where you need it.

Enterprise Resource Management

Increased productivity through efficient resource management. Easy access to real time information provides the foundation for better planning and informed decisions  across supply chain.

Integrated Shipbuilding

Powerful solution that integrates the design and production for a consistent transfer of information, enabling you to control time, costs, materials and the production process, to make sure that you achieve 100% consistence, from ship design to delivery.

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