Digital Mining Transformation Begins with You

In a volatile market, you need to ensure your mining operations perform as efficiently as possible.

To be successful, you need a strategy that spans your global portfolio across the asset lifecycle. This means managing your assets in a safe and secure way, maximising production and increasing profitability.

Digital technology can help you unite, analyse, and manage your engineering data, processes, and supply chain in an intelligent and efficient way. It can also help you operate with the highest levels of corporate social responsibility.

Delivering Proven Results

Discover our complete industrial software platform that spans the entire operational lifecycle. Remove silos, integrate your data, boost collaboration, and increase efficiency to maximise return on capital throughout your global portfolio – at all stages of the asset lifecycle.

Learn how we can help you transform your mining organisation.

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Value Chain Optimization

Benefit from visibility across the entire value chain in a unified environment from planning to scheduling to inventory.

Short Interval Control for Prompt Response to Unscheduled Outages
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Remove Bottlenecks in the Mining Supply Chain
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Real-time Mining Material Inventory and Stockpile Management
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Production Optimisation

Turn data into insights with downtime analysis, delay accounting and process optimisation.

Increase Production and Reduce Waste for the Mining Fixed Plant
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Mobile Fleet Delay Accounting for Mining
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Maximum Sustainable Rate Productivity in Real-time for Mining
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Increase Throughput and Process Effectiveness with Bulk Handling Port Performance
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Plant Metal Accounting with Real-Time Inventory Balancing and Yield Accounting
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Real-time Production and Operational Information Across the Mine
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Asset Performance Management

Master tools that can predict potential equipment failures and digitise your procedures and maintenance activities.

Maximize Operational Continuity and Manage Operational Risk
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Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability in Mining
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Maximum Cost Efficiency in Mine Operations with Safe, Profitable and Sustainable Asset Utilization
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Next Generation Workforce

Gain foresight into potential equipment failures, and digitalise your procedures and maintenance activities.

Unified Operations Center for Increased Operational Agility
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Enable Remote Teams to Access Existing Plants
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Workforce Empowerment: Digital Transformation by Improving Workforce Productivity
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Transparency Across Multiple Sites for Unification of Information
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Minimize Energy Costs - Optimization of Process and Workforce
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Asset Performance Management for Mining Watch the Video Series

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Watch Our Webinar Series

Join us in one of our webinars on industrial applications and the value of AVEVA Process Simulation software for Process Design, Simulation, and Training and Process Optimisation. Be sure to check back monthly because we will be adding new recording about every month.

Achieve Operational Excellence Using Dynamic Simulation for Steam Shedding Studies

This webinar will provide a glimpse of the many opportunities available for Natural Gas Processors to incorporate a model-based culture to achieve operational excellence with greater agility.

Model-Based Approaches to Achieve Operational Excellence in Natural Gas Processing

This webinar will provide a glimpse of the opportunities for Natural Gas Processors to incorporate a model-based culture to achieve operational excellence with greater agility.

Preparing for the Great Crew Change with Simulation and Training Solutions

Learn how you can leverage simulation solutions to increase the productivity of every crew member and potentially your entire process.

Using Simulation Software to Achieve Operational Excellence

View this webinar to discover how Lexmark’s initiative has driven on-time delivery and decreased inventory turnover.

Mining From Pit to Port, Is Your Supply Chain Optimised?  Download the Whitepaper to better understand how digital collaboration  eliminates operational silos and maximises profit Download Now

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