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Why Edge to Enterprise

AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise strategy represents an infinite range of possibilities, with the ability to tailor solutions to accomplish specific goals. Each component of an Edge to Enterprise solution, from IIoT architectures to cloud-driven remote edge management, can be an integral part of operations. However, it’s the integration of those parts that creates a holistic solution that improves visibility and reaction times. This is much easier to accomplish when technology partners prioritize interoperability and create tools that are meant to complement one another across the entire supply chain.

AVEVA recognizes this and offers a shop floor to top floor view of your business with a variety of industrial software solutions for monitoring and control. From asset to line to multisite unified operations centers, AVEVA enables your team at every step of digital transformation and offers the scalability to grow as your business does.

Understanding AVEVA's Edge to Enterprise Strategy


AVEVA Cloud/Insight

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Manage edge devices from the cloud, aggregate data from previously inaccessible sources, and send critical data to the machine HMI.

Execute logic at the source to reduce latency and improve speed. There will be 20.4 billion connected devices in use globally by 2020 (Gartner)


Gather data from the entire line on your HMI and send to SCADA, the cloud, or both. Take advantage of remote monitoring and control on smartphones and tablets or OEE tools.

98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000 (Information Technology Intelligence Consulting).


See the performance of multiple sites in a single, easy to understand dashboard that leverages AI and machine learning in the cloud to enable real-time decisions for each site.

Smart manufacturing enhanced with AI and Machine Learning is projected to grow noticeably in the next 3 to 5 years (Trend Force).


Equipment-level HMI can be used for predictive maintenance or troubleshooting. Send data to the cloud or line-level HMI to improve process efficiency.

The embedded systems industry is estimated at almost 100 million US$ by 2024.


Get an eagle-eye view of your plant with AVEVA SCADA solutions. Aggregate data from the edge, HMIs, and SCADA to optimize your processes and create a sitewide single source of truth either locally or on the cloud.

Three quarters of 2,000 industrial companies are expected to digitize their entire supply chains by 2020 (PwC).


Empowers your team with a centralized view across the enterprise to help make informed decisions, fast. Bring end-to-end operational visibility across facilities to improve safety, operational efficiency, and profits.

“Automation Sprawl” is a challenge that can be solved with a Unified Operations Center focused around integrated software tools.



Edge to Enterprise monitoring and control approach is not an individual solution, but the sum of integrated parts – a single line of sight that incorporates streams of previously siloed and inaccessible data to better understand an entire process and give at-a-glance understanding of information, enabling next-level real-time decision-making and optimization.

AVEVA is the only industrial automation software solution provider that can provide everything from edge computing & analytics, to complete edge device monitoring, control & management at the HMI, SCADA, and Enterprise levels, making it easy to scale production up, or down, as business conditions change, and optimize production capacity as the business grows.


The keys to an Edge to Enterprise strategy include:

  • Flexible licensing options that make it easy to add software components as your hardware and process architecture needs change
  • Access to a huge library of both open and native communication protocols to ensure connectivity to devices at every level of the business (including protocols like OPC UA and MQTT for IIoT architectures)
  • Powerful solutions for every stage of your industrial, or infrastructure, operational process monitoring and control
  • A partner that can keep you on top of all technological advancements and can harness the collective knowledge of the World’s biggest and best companies and organizations, to help you solve the problems of today, and tomorrow.


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