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Why Edge to Enterprise?

As part of our Edge to Enterprise strategy, AVEVA is proud to release our 2020 family of HMI and supervisory control (SCADA) software. With a focus on enabling your workforce, agility and flexibility, Edge to Enterprise represents an infinite range of possibilities that can help you best manage your operations. Each component of an Edge to Enterprise solution, from IIoT architectures and cloud-drive remote edge management to multi-site control, is an integral part of your operations. However, it is the integration of these parts and how easy they can work together that creates a holistic solution that improves visibility, decision making and reaction times to give you the confidence to operate for the future.

Our 2020 family of software continues to build on our strong 30+ years of innovation as the recognized leader for supervisory control and management software. We also recognize just how important it is to enable connected operations and connected workers through the Cloud, web and mobile. Edge to Enterprise solutions bring new levels of connectivity and drive operational efficiency through collaboration and standardization. Connecting asset to line to multisite to unified operation center, AVEVA enables your team at every step of digital transformation and offers the clarity to scale forward as your business does.

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Edge to Enterprise monitoring and control approach is not an individual solution, but the sum of integrated parts – a single line of sight that incorporates streams of previously siloed and inaccessible data to better understand an entire process and give at-a-glance understanding of information, enabling next-level real-time decision-making and optimization.

AVEVA is the only industrial automation software solution provider that can provide everything from edge computing & analytics, to complete edge device monitoring, control & management at the HMI, SCADA, and Enterprise levels, making it easy to scale production up, or down, as business conditions change, and optimize production capacity as the business grows.

The keys to an Edge to Enterprise strategy include:

  • Flexible licensing options that make it easy to add software components as your hardware and process architecture needs change
  • Access to a huge library of both open and native communication protocols to ensure connectivity to devices at every level of the business (including protocols like OPC UA and MQTT for IIoT architectures)
  • Powerful solutions for every stage of your industrial, or infrastructure, operational process monitoring and control
  • A partner that can keep you on top of all technological advancements and can harness the collective knowledge of the World’s biggest and best companies and organizations, to help you solve the problems of today, and tomorrow.

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Confidence to operate for the future with our 2020 Edge to Enterprise software

Flexibility and Scalability

Edge to Enterprise is engineered to be flexible - commercially, architecturally and technologically. This helps you integrate across new and existing systems to help you scale forward. 

Licensing that Makes Sense – AVEVA breaks all barriers to utilizing the best operations software. Use AVEVA Flex to utilize unlimited capabilities, without constraints on tag counts, I/O, or web and thin clients. Add users without adding incremental costs, and build your system without limits. AVEVA Flex is also the perfect way to get up and running without huge up-front expenditures, and offers you access to all the software in AVEVA’s broad Edge to Enterprise portfolio.

We Respect Your Investments – Industries have varied application lifecycles, workforces, and requirements. AVEVA understands this, and so we ensure backward compatibility across our Edge to Enterprise portfolio, to help you protect your investment, while offering you the flexibility to continuously improve. With the latest release, System Platform ensures backward compatibility that allows you to leverage your previous engineering effort (.NET controls and 3rd party libraries) while moving seamlessly into 2020.

Workforce Enablement

Get the work right by giving your team the information, tools and, process that they need to work smarter, wherever they are.

Remote Access and Thin Clients – With AVEVA you can rest assured that you have the technology required to bring the work to your workforce and enable collaboration across areas of the business. As part of the commitment to workforce enablement, we offer powerful tools for controlling and monitoring applications on the web. New in 2020, AVEVA InTouch HMI, formerly Wonderware sees enhancements to its mobile app, with read/write access for real-time plant floor data, and AVEVA Edge continues to improve its fully HTML5 compatible thin client.


Standardization for better predictability

Standardization drives predictability and operational efficiency for your business, helping you ensure that everything runs smoothly.

A New Standard for Industrial GraphicsBuild Once, Deploy Anywhere! New for 2020, Industrial Graphics consistency across the Edge to Enterprise portfolio. In addition to InTouch HMI and System Platform, AVEVA has standardized these graphic capabilities for AVEVA Edge and AVEVA Connect all managed in the cloud. Promote standardization and re-usability across various teams and across geographically disparate sites while increasing collaboration. Watch now 

Edge Management in the Cloud – With so many Edge and IIoT devices coming online it is imperative to have a robust management strategy. Reduce total cost of ownership for device and application lifecycle management with easier deployment, maintenance, configuration updates, built-in version control and remote application monitoring of IIoT devices (Available through AVEVA Flex).

Operations Agility

When teams understand the possibilitities, they feel empowered to make decisions, stay agile and quickly analyze conditions and take informed action.

Drive your Change ManagementWhen businesses need quick reaction times, they need to trust the foundation their process is built around. That’s why we enhanced check in times for AVEVA System Platform 2020, formerly Wonderware, enabling operations to drive to continuous iterative improvement and change management, in addition to engineering efficiency enabling developers to more easily develop in collaboration.

Enhanced Visibility AVEVA is committed to bring technologies that empower your operations. New in 2020, leverage the power of AVEVA Insight to build artificial intelligence into the context of real-time decision making at the HMI SCADA level by automatically detecting and reporting operational anomalies.  Also, troubleshooting PLC locks in real-time just got easier with visualization of runtime PLC controller logic for plant technicians.

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