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About Industrial Computers

Put the world-leading InTouch HMI to work immediately by ordering it pre-installed on an industrial computer or panel PC. InTouch Panel PCs are the perfect anchor component for your hardware or software standardization. They offer a single, powerful HMI visualisation platform across all your plant needs – from the machine level manufacturing line to process supervisory applications.

Whether you are in manufacturing operations, a value-added reseller (VAR), or an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Industrial Computers and Panel PCs free you from the pitfalls of proprietary hardware and functionally-limited graphical interfaces.

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What makes our Industrial Computers unique?

Extensive software/hardware compatibility testing has been done for you. InTouch Panel PCs are ruggedized for harsh environments and come pre-installed with the operating system, drivers and software needed for fast and easy implementation, giving you tight integration with the AVEVA software portfolio and support network.

Forward-thinking plant standardisation helps fully-leverage engineering investments, shorten development cycles, bring more value to your business, and lower overall costs.


Key Benefits

  • Fast and easy installation or plant retrofit implementation eliminates software / hardware incompatibility concerns
  • No moving parts throughout the entire product range; Solid state drives and fan-less cooling are standard and provide better performance and reliability
  • Modular design with tool-free component removal for increased efficiency
  • Dedicated disaster recovery drive with bundled Acronis True Image for speedy recovery and reduced downtime
  • Advance-Exchange program to help you keep spare inventory costs down
  • One stop shop – ordering made simple
  • Only source for all hardware and software support issues

What Are Industrial Computers?

InTouch Panel PCs are solid-state touch screen computers with interchangeable boxes deployable across both standard and premium products. This enables you to standardise on a common visualisation interface for both machine level applications and supervisory HMI.

Industrial Computers and PCs are specifically designed to host AVEVA software and are ruggedized for harsh shop-floor environments–withstanding extremes of temperature, dust, humidity, vibration and power surges of the modern industrial plant. Panel PCs are offered in three form factors: Compact, Standard and Premium.


Scalable and Ready To Go

With Industrial Computers, you benefit from pre-installed software on a rugged, versatile, feature-laden hardware solution. They are factory-tested, certified and ready to work right out-of-the box.


Better Disaster Recovery, Through Built-in Recovery Drives, with Bundled Acronis True Image

AVEVA disaster recovery enables speedy recovery and reduced downtime in the event of a disaster. Dedicated recovery drives located right inside the box PC eliminate frantic searching for disks when the pressure is on.

You will be up and running in less than an hour. Fast, reliable, and secure flexibility gives you the ability to reboot, backup, and modify your system as you see fit. Disaster recovery is a standard feature across our entire Industrial Computer line.


Improved Design – Modularity and Tool-free Configuration

Maintenance is so easy that it requires only limited technical knowledge and experience. Such easy maintenance also boosts productivity while reducing downtime and spare parts inventories. This means less capital invested, easier maintenance, and higher availability.


More Choices with Availability of More Screen Sizes:

Find the perfect Industrial Computers for your applications. In addition to our standard 12, 15, 17, and 19-inch computers, we now offer 15.6, 18, 5, 21.5 and 24-inch options.

And for direct monitoring and control of your machines and devices, we offer the InTouch Panel PC Compact Series in four screen sizes: 7, 10.1, 12.1 and 15 inches. These are a great fit for your low-end HMI applications because they give operators the visualisation they need for intelligent, real-time decision making.


Field Replaceable Modules for Easy Maintenance and Lower Service Costs

Replacing InTouch Panel PCs Series D HMI in the field is easy, enabling high productivity with the least downtime and disruption. And just as important is the reduction of spare parts inventory in the supply chain, which equates to less capital invested, easier maintenance, and higher uptime.

Features and Benefits

Modular Design Lowers Lead Time

Fully modular construction makes modifying and servicing our InTouch Panel PCs easy. You can replace all key components without tools.

No Moving Parts

Standard solid state drives and fan-less cooling provide better performance and reliability.

Built-in Disaster Recovery

Restore components onto off-the-shelf drives within minutes with our solid state built-in recovery drives. No more frantic searching for recovery DVDs.

Installation Wizard

Select your version of InTouch on first boot-up; software will install without any additional user interaction.

Advance Exchange Program

Helps keep spare inventory costs down.

Complete Bundled Solution Saves You Money

The new compact line offers the highest level of versatility. They are available bundled with Windows Embedded Compact and InTouch Edge HMI, all the way to Windows Embedded Standard 7 and InTouch.

Thin Client Computers

Greater access and control over, information with less local software maintenance.

Whether your critical plant data and applications are in the cloud or on-premise, InTouch Thin Clients provide convenient access for all users and maximum manageability for IT staff.

What It Is?

Centralise access to, and management of, factory floor applications with InTouch Thin Client hardware. The Thin Client Series D Standard is the perfect control panel for applications that consolidate hardware, software, support, and services from a single vendor. Systems are also ACP Thin Manager Ready, supporting the de facto centralised client management software standard.

Key Benefits

  • ACP ThinManager Ready

  • Multi-display support for up to two connected monitors on the “headless” unit

  • Widescreen and high resolution support up to 1920 x 1200

  • Rugged design for maintenance-free continuous operation

Features and Benefits

Four Display Options

7,10.1,12.1 and 15 inches

Thin Manager Ready

Extends manageability to the end device, saving time and extending control over Thin Client.

Pre-loaded ACP Thin Manager BIOS

Download firmware directly from ThinManager, after the ThinManager IP(s) are specified.

Configurable From a Central Location

No need to visit each client individually.

High Performance

Optimised power consumption and wide power ratings.

Systems are ACP Thin Manager Ready

Supporting the de facto standard software solution for centralised client management.

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