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Now you can register for a full, free online training course for InTouch Edge HMI. The training course will walk you through everything you need to know to create SCADa/HMI projects in InTouch Edge HMI.

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Using Custom Widgets to Enhance InTouch Edge HMI Projects

Custom widgets allow you to use HTML5 to add third party elements to your project, such as weather reports or camera feeds.

The ITMEViewApp Object for System Platform

The ITMEViewApp object for Wonderware System Platform allows you to integrate multiple InTouch Edge HMI runtime stations easily and efficiently with your central SCADA system. Data values and alarm status are synchronized automatically, in an event-driven mode to optimize the network bandwidth and increase the scalability of the whole system.

The Import Tools for InTouch Edge HMI

The FactoryTalk™ Import Wizard add-on feature for InTouch Edge HMI allows you to convert FactoryTalk applications to InTouch Edge HMI projects without extensive redevelopment.

Use the PanelBuilder32™ Import Wizard add-on feature to easily and quickly convert applications from PanelBuilder32 to InTouch Edge HMI applications.

The PanelMate™ Import Wizard add-on feature for InTouch Edge HMI allows you to convert PanelMate applications to InTouch Edge HMI applications with minimal effort

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