Situational Awareness

Empowering you with the right information, at the right time, in the right context

About Situational Awareness

Nearly half of all abnormal situations are the result of human error, partly because people must respond to danger signals without a true understanding of the full situation.

Traditional HMIs often complicate matters by presenting too much information without context, leaving operators to interpret what matters most. Our situational awareness solutions present the user with highly- contextualised and easily-interpreted information that is specific to the most important process issues while filtering out the noise that distracts operators.

As a Result, Operators Can Realise a Number of Benefits Including:

  • Faster problem identification
  • Maximised uptime
  • Reduced alarms and accelerated alarm recognition
  • Increased operational consistency
  • Fewer errors
  • Empowered workforce

Success Metrics

Independent evaluations of situational awareness strategies report a five-fold improvement in detecting abnormal situations before system availability is impacted, a 37 percent improvement in the success rate for handling abnormal situations when they do occur, and a 41 percent reduction in the time required to complete tasks.

What Do Our Situational Awareness Capabilities Offer?

AVEVA situational awareness capabilities offer a design approach devoted to providing operators with the most relevant and necessary information at the right time. Operators see the situation at hand in full context and in real time, with reference to how it links to previous events and where the process might be headed. Such an accurate visual combination of past, present, and potential consequences results in exceptionally improved understanding, opportunistic analysis, and reaction time. This leads to more timely and effective critical decision making.

Situational Awareness Essentials

The following principles are at the core of our Situational Awareness functionality and design:

Goal Oriented

The end game is always process improvement, not process representation for its own sake.

Human-Centered Design

Helping you do your job better, not just navigating around a PID loop.

Visual Optimisation

Designs are easy on the eyes, not awash in Technicolor. Colors are used only to flag critical metrics and progress.

Highly Interactive

Displays and dashboards are easy to navigate, and content refines automatically based on user input.

Custom Contextualisation

Screens are tailored to the decision support needs of operators, remote technicians, managers, and other users.


What Makes Situational Awareness Different?

Although all approaches to Situational Awareness seek to improve the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), the underlying practices, standards, design tools, and methodologies can vary considerably.

The AVEVA Situational Awareness Symbol Library goes beyond simple graphics and provides highly valuable and reusable design elements that simplify HMI design and maintenance – saving time, effort, and cost.

Modern industrial systems continue to grow in complexity and geographically at an ever-accelerating pace. This growth introduces new challenges including: vastly increased volumes of data, increased operator training requirements and staffing issues, and having to meet the needs of a highly mobile workforce. Such changes require a whole new approach to industrial process visualisation. It requires a more systematic approach to delivering situational awareness, which requires intuitive and easy-to-use UI design tools and pre-configured symbols. Designs must be based on principles proven to translate highly dynamic process data into actionable information and effective decision making.

The AVEVA Situational Awareness Symbols Library helps application developers meet these challenges. With it, they can create highly-intuitive visual content and custom applications for any given event. Dozens of wizards guide context-driven access to millions of out-of-the-box pre-configured symbols. Developers drag and drop these into various scenarios, which can save up to 70 percent in design time.

Learn More About Our Situational Awareness Capabilities

Our leading HMI and SCADA software has been specifically designed to incorporate situational awareness principles that help you empower your operators and optimise your operations.

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