Alarm Adviser

A scalable, web-based alarm analysis tool that helps rationalize and identify nuisance alarms in your HMI/SCADA system


Alarm Management Challenges

Advances in software technology, connected devices, and the IoT over recent decades have led to an exponential increase in the number of alarms in industrial manufacturing operations. The EEMUA 19111 and ISA2 18.2 Alarm Management Standards recommend the practical limit of handling alarms per operator at 1 to 2 alarms every 10 minutes, and an average of 150 to 300 alarms per day.

Automation systems today, however, generate thousands of alarms per day, per operator. Within the U.S. automation industry alone, the cost of critical incidents is estimated at $20 billion per annum, encompassing $10 billion in equipment replacement and litigation costs coupled with $10 billion in lost production.

The challenge for operators is to identify and distinguish critical from routine alarms quickly, and take timely corrective action while adhering to stringent industry best practices and safety recommendations.

Streamline Alarm Analysis and Production Efficiencies

Our Alarm Adviser alarm management solution is a scalable, web-based alarm analysis tool that helps identify and rationalize nuisance alarms in your HMI/SCADA system. Seamless installation ensures operators are quickly empowered with a holistic view of plant operations, helping to expedite corrective action, production efficiencies and ROI. It provides a single means of identifying frequent, standing, fleeting and consequential alarms, empowering operators to quickly recognize and distinguish safety-critical alarms from routine alarms.

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Who Benefits from Alarm Adviser ?

Alarm Adviser’s unique features deliver key benefits across your organisation including:

Benefits for Operators

  • Consolidated holistic view of alarm data
  • Greater insight into process data
  • Reduction in alarm overload and noise
  • Improved awareness in rationalizing alarms
  • More timely decision making

Benefits for Engineers

  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • Aggregation of multiple HMI/SCADA systems
  • Ease of interactive alarm analysis
  • Troubleshooting time greatly reduced
  • Mobile access to alarm data
  • More timely corrective action

Benefits for Managers

  • Quick time to value and ROI
  • Alignment with industry alarm management standards
  • Reduced risk of unscheduled downtime and critical incidents
  • Enhanced production efficiency and profitability

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Alarm Adviser Features

Alarm Adviser’s simple installation, ease of use, and quick time to value deliver key benefits across your organisation including:

alarm adviser dashboard

Customisable Dashboard

  • Optimize your alarm analysis with a wide range of user configurable widgets consolidated into the dashboard view.
  • Display the distribution of alarm severity (critical, high, medium, low) in a specified period via ‘Alarm Severity Distribution’.
  • Show the peak or average alarm rate over a period of time for the selected interval per operator via ‘Alarm Rate’.
  • Set KPI targets to benchmark and compare recent and past performance to optimise improvements over time.

interactive drill down

Interactive Drill-Down

  • Drill down from dashboards directly into analysis reports, and hone in on desired problem areas.
  • Filter settings from ‘Dashboard’ view to ‘Analysis’ preserved.
  • Replicate analysis time periods to compare alarms over similar time periods.
  • Save valuable time in identifying and distinguishing nuisance alarms.

alarm adviser q1 alarm activity

Inbuilt Visual Alarm History Analysis

  • Filter alarms for a given time-period by severity, time of day, day of week, plant area, and alarm category.
  • The interactive timeline bar allows users to zoom in on a specific time range.
  • Create analysis reports for the most frequent, fleeting, and standing alarms, and identify alarms that should be targeted first.
  • The “Consequence” feature enables analysis of the correlation between alarms, helping engineers to implement state-based suppression.
  • Save valuable time analysing trends and identifying the root cause of an issue.

alarm adviser alarm analysis at your fingertips

Unlimited Analysis Clients at Your Fingertips

Alarm Adviser allows unlimited number of analysis clients, which gives you freedom to add and use as many devices as you need. Alarm Adviser supports HTML5 technology, ensuring you’ll always have the data you need at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

alarm adviser conslidated insight

Simplified, Consolidated Insight

Interactive bench-marking tools aggregate data from various systems, providing a holistic view of your plant operations helping you identify and analyze plant upsets and optimize system performance.

Inbuilt dashboard metrics help facilitate compliance with alarm management industry best practice guidelines and regulations, with pre-set parameters and recommended targets.

what is wonderware alarm adviser

Extend Operational Value

Alarm Adviser helps extend operational value with seamless connectivity to our range of leading HMI/SCADA software solutions including System Platform, InTouch, and SCADA making greater use of process data.

Alarm data is aggregated from various systems via dedicated Collectors, providing more context into alarm details and a more holistic view of plant operations and performance.

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