Dream Report

Complex reporting, simplified


A Simple Solution for Complex Plant Reporting

Produce clear, professionally rendered reports for communication and analysis of real-time and transactional events.

With Dream Report, report generation couldn’t be easier. Create reports quickly and have them delivered to anyone, anywhere. Dream Report is no-code software with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration, and integration of real-time sources and manual data to HMI/SCADA, historians, enterprise software and relational databases.

Create a Report in Under Five Minutes with Dream Report Watch the Video

Dream Report Features

Simplifying complex plant reporting through creation of clean, professional, and easy-to-use custom reports.

Report With Ease

Significantly reduce report development time, simplify report modification, and empower transformation of raw data into attractive, information-filled reports.

Create a report in under 5 minutes.

One Stop Document Management

Automate creation of complex batch, OEE, operator log, manufacturing execution system (MES), production, and energy-efficiency reports, or enter data manually.

Blend From the Best

Seamlessly integrate output from InTouch, MES, Historian, Information Server, and Mobile Operator Rounds.


Share reports with anyone, anywhere, anytime, with an intuitive scheduling tool that simplifies distribution.

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