What is SCADA?

Supervisory control and data acquisition

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

A Foundation for Operational Excellence

SCADA is not a specific technology, but a type of application. Any application that gets operating data about a system in order to control and optimise that system is a SCADA application. That application may be a petrochemical distillation process, a water filtration system, a pipeline compressor, or just about anything else.

SCADA automation is simply the means to an end, and not the end itself. All businesses converge on the need for maximising return on assets through operational excellence. Staying competitive means continually finding new ways to operate faster and leaner. The pressure is always on to increase productivity, efficiency, agility, quality, and profitability, all while minimising costs.

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Key Questions to Ponder When Selecting SCADA Software

If you are tasked with selecting a SCADA system for your company, start by considering how your requirements will evolve over the next 15 years, which is typically the lifecycle of SCADA systems. Are you able to write a detailed RFI or system requirements document that covers 15 years of evolving automation maturity?

Of course it is nearly impossible to predict your changing automation needs, especially as the connectivity capabilities of plant equipment change. As such, it is critical to understand not only what the available technology can do for you today, but also to find an automation partner familiar with the potential of emerging technology to guide you in responding to questions such as the following:

  • What are the short and long-term corporate objectives? Is the proposed automation consistent with these objectives?
  • What under-the-hood functionality will really help the business over the long haul?
  • How will the technology eliminate or reduce current inefficiencies and costs?


Challenges Addressed by SCADA

A properly executed SCADA automation infrastructure allows businesses to better answer the operational questions such as “How do I …"

  • Make more, better, and with less cost?
  • Increase asset availability? Lifecycle?
  • Improve equipment performance?
  • Produce higher quality product?
  • Reduce maintenance costs?



SCADA Automation Must Protect Engineering Investments

One of the fundamental principles of any SCADA product is to add new capabilities to an existing system in manageable bites. Engineering effort has traditionally been a big part of any company’s investment in industrial software.

AVEVA offers a winning strategy for meeting complex and evolving automation requirements and system expansion while protecting initial engineering investments. System Platform is a modular platform with plug-and-play components that provide additional capability without compromising — or even touching —the underlying automation infrastructure.

Complete Industrial Automation

System Platform is a centralised management suite that integrates your people, information, and assets.


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