Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. Renews Commitment to Schneider Electric

Firm adopts SimSci SimCentral to quickly improve vacuum transfer line design, through streamlined process design and modeling

Posted: March 7, 2017


Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. Renews Commitment to Schneider Electric

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – March 7, 2017 – Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. (HEC), a leading engineering solutions provider serving process plant, power & energy plant and infrastructure environmental sectors, has renewed and expanded its commitment to Schneider Electric with its next generation process modeling solution – SimSci SimCentral.

“The choice to go with Schneider Electric was not a decision we took lightly, given our reliance on working with highly advanced process modeling solutions. We chose Schneider Electric’s SimCentral after seeing how quickly and efficiently complex processes could now be modeled,” said Eunho Chung, Chief Engineer of Simulation Team at Hyundai Engineering Company.

SimCentral is the first new product release in decades with advanced process simulation built from the ground up that are embedded within the process modeling application. What this means is that process engineers now have greater access to simulations during every stage of the plant lifecycle, including design. This is referred to as the First Born Digital Twin™ concept, which affords greater access to the simulation during all stages of the plant lifecycle, including design through a single unified simulation platform.

Simulating how to best design, engineer and build vacuum transfer lines can be challenging given their high velocity and two phase flow, which can lead to poor separation in the vacuum tower that it feeds. The value SimCentral brings is the ability to quickly handle and avoid critical velocities, helping process engineers to find the right design, faster. Conventional simulation tools fall short with longer procedures, adding time and cost to these simulation exercises.

“As the first commercially available platform designed to take full advantage of modern software technologies and advanced computational speed, SimCentral delivers far superior performance than the competition. This performance is exceeding the expectations of the next generation of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) workers, helping to accelerate adoption, usage and time-to-value,” said Tobias Scheele, Senior Vice President Software, Industry Business, Schneider Electric. “SimCentral can handle complicated pressure driven phenomena in piping and vacuum lines, so was a great fit for Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.”

Using an open model writing environment, SimCentral is an engineering process modeling solution that goes beyond what is considered possible with traditional process simulators today. EPC firms are now replacing in-house developed tools, such as those created in Excel or with legacy programming, with SimCentral to achieve immediate performance improvement, improved agility and efficiency.

Learn more about SimCentral solutions.

Watch this video to learn more about SimCentral:


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