The Next Horizon for Industrial Operations

Everyone is talking about the Industrial Internet of things and Manufacturing 4.0 as the next horizon for industrial operations - as if the concepts of collecting and managing vast amounts of data to better develop, visualize and optimize manufacturing processes were a new idea. But they are not. Thousands and Thousands of manufacturing and industrial companies around the world have been using solutions from Wonderware, AVEVA, SimSci and Avantis for decades to design, build, connect, collect, visualize, analyze and improve manufacturing and industrial operations. The challenge perhaps was how to more easily connect each of these dots and create a seamless digitization platform that accelerates true digital change. But that challenge is now in the past.


The AVEVA North American World Conference is the opportunity for customers and partners alike to see firsthand the software organization ALREADY LEADING this next technological revolution. With a real software platform that spans planning and design of plants and processes to controlling asset health, monitoring and managing production, to the optimization of your processes and supply chains - AVEVA can deliver today on the real promises of digitizing our manufacturing and industrial operations. And that is important. More than just marketing spin, the tools to initiate and sustain this change exist RIGHT NOW in the most comprehensive and tested software portfolio of its kind in the world.


And what is most important is that the tools to drive this change have been perfected over decades as AVEVA brings together Wonderware, Avantis, SimSci and the AVEVA engineering procuring and construction tools to build the first true end-to-end platform for the digitization of industry. If you are customers currently using some of the individual parts of the new AVEVA portfolio, come to see how you can leverage these world class tools to expand your vision and really start to innovate. If you are new to the world of AVEVA and are being tasked with taking your own organization into the future, come meet customers already immersed in this journey and learn about the only true end-to-end digital platform for manufacturing that exists and can be leveraged today.

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Come learn about the new AVEVA. Your journey to Dallas just may be the beginning of your journey to the future – and in this case – that future is now…



Darren Kline AVEVA

By Darren Kline

Wonderware North

With a background in electrical engineering and system integration, Darren has been working in the industrial software industry for 27 years. As a young engineer, Darren began working with Wonderware in the early 1990s with many different companies in the Pennsylvania area. Today, Darren is part of the management team at Wonderware North where he manages their marketing initiatives and participates in the sales management of strategic accounts across their territory.

Dallas, TX

Hilton Anatole | September 10-13, 2018