Refinery Off-sites

Apply accurate, reliable tools to your inventory and movement system.

Refiners can now leverage blend operations and optimization practices to improve efficiency and profitability across the entire refinery. Crude blend data available from off-sites blending operations can be used as input to process optimization software (ROMeo Process Optimization). Product properties that are calculated by process optimization software can then be used in off-sites product blending operations.

AVEVA’s Refinery Off-sites Inventory Management tools can help you:

  • Improve optimization results with actual blended crude assay data
  • Optimize off-sites product blending with optimizer-supplied product data to reduce product giveaway and/or the need for costly reblends
  • Automate LP model updates from the optimizer (ROMeo Process Optimization)
  • Integrate Spiral to enable strategic and tactical planning, scheduling, and analysis and maximize refinery profitability
  • Reduce the cost of terminal operations, while minimizing operator errors, improving safety compliance and operational performance

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