Optimise Capital Projects and Operations in Oil and Gas Downstream

Downstream refining and petrochemical producers achieve superior performance by driving value, agility, and sustainability throughout their asset lifecycle. We apply our software and services to continuously improve capital projects and operations.

Optimised Capital Projects

Whether you are building a new plant, are in the process of information handover, or modifying an existing plant, we can help you streamline your capital project to increase profitability, reduce the risk of overruns, shorten schedules, and improve collaboration.

Our solutions are designed to help you optimise every stage of your capital project.

Safe and Efficient Operations

We apply technologies and expertise to lower waste, reduce or eliminate safety incidents, provide more agile production capabilities, deliver immediate access to accurate data, manage remediation projects, reduce unit costs, energy, and greenhouse gas intensities, and reduce plant emissions–all while raising yields, quality compliance and operational efficiency.

We provide solutions to help you continuously improve processes, engineering, operations, and maintenance.


Meet or exceed many of the challenges facing petroleum refining today: heavier feedstocks, rising energy costs, and shifting demand profiles. Maximise the value of every molecule processed to operate your plant safely and profitably.


Optimise product mix at the minimum cost of production by maximising yields, minimising energy consumption, operating safely, and minimising unplanned downtime. Respond quickly to the price sensitivity of commodity products in this cost-driven market.

Off-sites Management

Achieve optimal planning, scheduling, and material loss management through accurate inventory and movement information, movement automation, and offline/online multi-blend optimisation. Consistent tank inventory reduces quality giveaway and reprocessing.

AVEVA Integrated Engineering and Design


AVEVA Engage in action


Transform the Way You Optimise Capital Projects, Assets, Processes, and People

The Digital Transformation is playing a growing role in how plants operate. The new software technology available enables operators, engineers, and management to quickly gain value from their existing infrastructure and assets. Gaining insight is one of the biggest challenges and AVEVA’s framework can help you with that resulting in improved profitability and operational excellence across capital-intensive industries.

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Maximize the Asset Lifecycle

Create new high margin products, develop new and optimize existing production processes for lower cost per unit. Innovate your process by leveraging simulation throughout the plant lifecycle avoiding costly rework and enabling Operational Excellence. Support operators with relevant decision advise on current vs. ideal plant and unit performance.

Maximize Operational Continuity and Manage Operational Risk
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Asset Excellence Journey to Maximize Asset Availability and Reliability across Oil and Gas
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Optimize Processes

Drive a Manufacturing Operations Transformation to promote operational excellence (thus reducing production cost) across multiple sites through global best practices, standardized processes, and KPIs
Integrate production with supply chain for higher asset utilization. Synchronized business and manufacturing data. Reduce TCO per site by 30%.

Maximize Value Chain Throughput with Refining Process Value Chain Optimization
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Enhance Yield Management with Process Optimization
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Minimize Energy Costs - Optimization of Process and Workforce
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Transparency Across Multiple Sites for Unification of Information
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Enable the People

Bring new operators up to speed in new and aging economies. Decrease time to knowledge and increase retention. Increase access to actionable information (including mobility). Make their job easier in highly automated environment. Increase safety within the plant. Increase worker efficiency.

Unified Operations Center for Increased Operational Agility
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Workforce Empowerment: Digital Transformation by Improving Workforce Productivity
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Enable Remote Teams to Access Existing Plants
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